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Hardcore Gamer: There’s something odd about an HD port built for a console which itself has games that are being ported to a superior console. Let’s reflect on Fable Anniversary for a second: it’s a 2014 Xbox 360 remake of an Xbox game from 2004. We’re in an age where people are demanding for spectacular looking games like Grand Theft Auto V and The Last of Us to be ported to Xbox One and PS4, and this is an Xbox 360 port of an original Xbox game. As such, judging it is fairly hard to do after spending countless hours over the past few months scrutinizing next-gen ports like Tomb Raider, Madden 25 and Call of Duty: Ghosts, when Fable Anniversary would be a resounding success if it matched the 360 quality of any of them. Still, while a remake of Fable might have been better suited for release before Fable II or as a three-pack with its sequels on Xbox One before Fable IV (please?), the sheer fact that Lionhead and Microsoft care to do it at all is great fan service for players who have had to deal with an antiquated game.

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hulk_bash19871603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

Hell yes, Fable is easily one of my favorite Action RPGs to come out of the PS2/Xbox Era. Can't wait to pick up my copy.

ChaosKnight1603d ago

Wow, this actually sounds really awesome. I didn't expect Lionhead to go so far with it.

LogicLee1603d ago

I'm surprised it held up so well. Strange that it's not on the Xbox One though... even as a digital download or something. Either way, I'll be picking this up.