Former Titanfall, Call of Duty devs release demo for their Kickstarter project

You can now download a demo for To The Death, a game former Titanfall and Call of Duty developers are trying to fund on Kickstarter.

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1601d ago
MonChiChi1601d ago

"Pizza to the death"
Couldn't help myself, ty american dad.

CrossingEden1601d ago

It's always "to the death with you" what does that even mean?

AnEwGuY1601d ago

"Former Titanfall devs"? The game hasn't even gone gold. Sorry, but I'm not interested in supporting a kickstarter-funded game made by people who QUIT BEFORE THEY FINISH A GAME.


Pandamobile1601d ago

The game has been in production for 4 years... Are you saying that developers need to be forced to stay somewhere until the project is done?

AnEwGuY1601d ago

If they want me to give them money to start another game, yeah...that would be preferable. For all we know, they could do like others have done...i.e. Phil Fish...and jump ship, with the cash in their pocket.

Salooh1601d ago (Edited 1601d ago )

Each developer have to do his job , if he did it he don't stay till the end , he move on. Sometimes we hear a developer change his studio even though the studio he was in still making the game, it doesn't mean he quit , he just did his part.

TheGreenMan1601d ago


How do you know they quit? Layoffs can happen during production after all.

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