PS4 Exclusive Deep Down Gets New Amazing Screenshots and Renders: Info Shared on Weapons and Armor

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia released some new renders, screenshota and info of the upcoming PS4 exclusive Deep Down.

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Jack_Of_All_Blades1625d ago

Amazing! One of my most anticipated games.

xxShadow-Shockxx1625d ago

Any word on release window, and it's coming to the US right?

Abriael1625d ago

No word. And it's been trademarked in the US, so probably. Capcom also has the .com site ready (even if empty)

xxShadow-Shockxx1625d ago

Thank you very much, bubble for you. Why did you get disagree for helpful info

ColeMacGrath1625d ago

It seems like you can customize your armor's color? I've never seen a blue metal armor before..

Abriael1625d ago

I've seen blue and gold. Though there's actually zero info on whether the armor was just like that or it's tintable.

XtraTrstrL1625d ago

Don't screw this one up Capcom. I like one of the details mentioned long ago, about the procedural textures. They actually build up dirt and rust over time, little stuff like that will add to the realism big time. The dungeons are randomly generated, hopefully very indepth randomization, and not small amounts of varied layouts. Then the main thing is that the game has to actually be fun to play, if they can pull that off while maintaining high replayability from the randomization and lots of different locations, they may have a hit on their hands. Finally, if all that pans out, they have to not be the usual greedy Capcom, and they have to do monitization properly and not try to rip our pockets out with nickel and diming and/or pay-2-win DLC.

aondaatje1625d ago

No thanks. Will get dark souls

Jdoki1625d ago

You can't have both?

But then again, you'd need to own a PS4 for that

aondaatje1625d ago

Don't want both. Would rather have the better one and considering that Deep Down is looking more and more like a Dark Souls clone I would rather have the better one and I think the better one is gonna be Dark Souls. Pretty simple really

Jdoki1625d ago

So you only ever play one game / IP from each genre? Weird. If I find a genre I like, I tend to buy multiple different games from it. Y'know like playing Uncharted, and The Last of Us and Tomb Raider etc.

At the moment we have so little info on Deep Down that it is impossible to say how close it is to Dark Souls and there are elements of it that sound different.

Anyhow, considering pretty much every one of you 13 comments on N4G has been to troll or say negative stuff about Sony / PS4 - I really doubt you'd be getting Deep Down regardless of quality.

medman1625d ago

Sure aondontknow, sure. You're not fooling anybody.

FamilyGuy1625d ago

lol troll

This is a free 2play game, it's not like you'd have to buy it to try it out. You're pathetic lol

aondaatje1624d ago

Does me not wanting to play a game offend you? IM not the pathetic one here. Lol.

Apex131625d ago

errrrrrr, as a PS4 owner I would like to ask "what is so amazing about those screen shots?" only 2 of which are actual screen shots?

darksky1625d ago

I only see one screenshot but I agree, whoever writes these stories must be easily excited.

Volkama1625d ago

Abriel's Deep Down superlatives are a bit of a running joke round these parts, though we've seen "amazing" used too many times now.

Mix it up Abriel, give us some 'Phenomenal' or 'bombastic' next time you get hold of a screenshot or concept art piece.

GarrusVakarian1625d ago

I agree, nothing particularly special about those pics. But you can't deny it looks amazing in action, can't believe it's a free to play game -


Volkama1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

Free to play really shouldn't be associated with "bad" or "cheap" in general.

The whole purpose of the model is that the dev (publisher more likely) believes that they will make more money than they would in a traditional model. It doesn't need to involve cutting down on quality or costs relative to 'normal' games.

It does mean the return on investment isn't so immediate as they will sacrifice the launch day sales boom, but as more and more cash-rich publishers set their sights on the sustained payout we'll see some really top quality "free" games.

Jdoki1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

Agree Volkama. LoL, DOTA2, Hearthstone, Path of Exile and Smite are good examples of F2P done right.

jayswolo1625d ago

free to play is a business model, not an indicator of quality.

Gotham City Imposters is $15 on consoles, free on PC.

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The story is too old to be commented.