DICE Sound Designers Begin Work on Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars HQ reports DICE Sound Designers David and Samuel recently tweeted a photo of themselves debating over the perfect sound for AT-ATs for the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront. Here's the tweet from @EA_DICE Twitter:

"David and Samuel @samueljustice, Sound Designers. Debating over that perfect sound."

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Majin-vegeta1443d ago

Just look at the movies not that hard.

Pro Racer1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

Here's hoping that they do it justice and don't release it unfinished like BF4.

PeaSFor1443d ago

its not like they will be forced by EA to launch the game before COD like BF4 was.

MysticStrummer1443d ago

@PeaSFor - What makes you so sure?

Tru_Blu1443d ago

It's EA, rush it out is the motto.

Brooktini861443d ago

Man.... Sams surname IS Justice. Literally...

Septic1443d ago

pew pew pew- the Star Wars laser gun sounds. That's the sound that went through my mind when I read the article heading.

Pro Racer1443d ago


I see what you did there ;)

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kazuma9991443d ago


Advanxed1443d ago

Heres to the ridiculously obnoxious screams after someone falls to their death.

Afistnu1443d ago

Their "Engineers" need to not include massive amounts of clipping like they did with Battlefield 4.

PeaSFor1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

its talking about sound designers... wich is top notch coming from DICE, dont be silly and stop blaming DICE, EA forced them to launch the game in front of COD.

Utalkin2me1443d ago

Well technically EA gave them a deadline to meet with the game, and dice obviously did not meet that deadline.

Tru_Blu1443d ago

Ya BF4 sound never stops working?? or takes literally 1 minute to start. Dice are not the gods you think they are.

nohopeinc1443d ago

DICE should put the players eyes in the neck so people don't head glitch. But before they do any of that DICE could you possibly get BF4 in perfect working condition. I am having a blast but a few issues here and there.

Iamnemesis48801443d ago

Yeah like the servers are down like now

PeaSFor1443d ago

just ended my session 5 min ago, so no plenty of servers working(im playing on pc)

Pro Racer1443d ago

Or they can make projectiles shoot from your gun opposed to your face.

Septic1443d ago

That's something that really needs to be done in FPS'.

Tru_Blu1443d ago

I bet if they even just gave the option to region lock many issues would go away. Nice idea that a dude from Brazil a dude from Australia a dude from Germany and some scientists from the south pole can play on a server.. but the lag/rubber banding is horrible with the current set up. Ping lock or show ping in the menu, until that happens the game is second rate. Only those with high pings would cry about showing your ping on the scoreboard.

Iamnemesis48801443d ago

They better not screw this game up like they did with bf4 so much for player appreciation month today in Australia i can not get one match it says the servers are down screw dice and ea hope they go down at least COD still works.

zRude1443d ago

You guys... Do you honestly think its DICEs fault that EA Forced em to publish the game being still hardly alpha ?

If you are to blame someone... Blame EA for forcing the game companies working for em to force their unfinished games out in the market.

No wonder EA is voted as a worst company.

MysticStrummer1443d ago

Whether it's DICE's or EA's fault, everyone who wants Battlefront to be great should be nervous.

annus1443d ago

Ah yes, nothing like blaming the big guy. You know nothing about their motives. The time the game released is one of the biggest times to release a game, and not to mention consoles were coming out which makes it even more important to them.

How do you know EA didn't go 'okay guys you have 2 years to get this game out' and DICE just screwed up internally and couldn't make it on time? Why should EA have to lose millions because of that?

In the end they released the game, EA got all of their money, and DICE have STILL yet to fix all of their problems. There's still even bugs from BF3 present in BF4.

zRude1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

Because EA Sucks.
Simple as that.

If the game isn't ready. It's not ready.
No matter how hard you ram deadlines on their faces. They wanted to force the game out to compete with the sh*tty COD.

But if they honestly did want to release the game in finished state.
EA should have given DICE more time to finish their work.
Since nothing like BF4 kind of game have ever been created. OFC it needs more time than casual arcade BS like CoD to create.

annus1443d ago

Maybe once you become an adult you will realise this is the real world, with real money, and real consequences.

You are talking about businesses worth BILLIONS here. Their primary concern is MONEY. Do you honestly not think EA has people completely dedicated to figuring out the exact prime time to release a game, and weighed the difference between releasing when it did and delaying till later? Deadlines exist for a reason, they want to hit the market at that time, and you're dealing with software that costs multi-millions to produce. The industry isn't just "Here's some money, go have fun for a few years and let me know how it turns out :)".

And don't give me that bullshit about it taking time to make. From what I've played (very little since I gave up after the 17th patch still not fixing the shit) it's just a BF3 map pack with some tweaks.

zRude1441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

Like i would not know that.
But are you saying that suddenly, after all these just absolutely AWESOME games. Dice suddenly cannot make working games ? *Out of nowhere ?

But yeah, even i am disappointed a lot on BF4 case.
Taking in calculation their retarded locked region cd-keys. When Russian / polish gamers had nothing else to buy except that inferior game. And No they cannot even buy the english language / sound pack for money.

As for that part. EA is being a f*cking greedy a*swipe.

I KNOW the money rules this world, not human.
Even tho it should be completely other way around.

And i know all game companies are doing what they are doing mostly cause of the money... But not everyone are doing it so boldly.

Game companies that does their games, while making it look like that this is what we love to do. This is our passion. To create awesome unique experiments for all the game loving audiences out there, while making good money of it on the side. AND MOST importantly... They listen their fan base.

( Making a prime example of game developer that i love at the moment is Robert's Space Industries )

They tried to get big publishers to get their game funded, but all said that no. There's not enough fan base for such a shitty space simulator.
And now they are on multi million crowd funded dollars in their account. And they listen their fan base, and making it clear that they do so. Not jsut pretending to do that.

Those game companies i give my credits for.


Even if DICE Makes the games... They make the game for EA. For EA Who OWNS the DICE, EA Makes the rules and deadlines and fundings. EA Does not listen the millions of bledges to change what they are doing totally fd up. They don't care about their gamers.
Only thing they do care is that they give them money.
That's all,

And you honestly thing EA Have been voted as worst company for nothing ?

When do you grow up ?

annus1441d ago

If you honestly believe that EA deserved that 'award' you need some help. While EA are pretty damn shit, there are FAR worse companies. That was just a bunch of angry people who voted for EA. Next you will be bringing up the Mountain Dew 'Dub the Dew' campaign and tell me people really want 'Hitler did nothing wrong' on cans.

And the MASSES are still buying these games. MILLIONS of people. Do you think EA gives a shit about some fanboys who bitch about the game? They are rolling in literal billions of profit from their games, why the hell would they change? They would laugh in your face if you suggested them to totally change their business plans.

And what do you mean by 'when do you grow up?'? I'm looking at things from an actual real point of view, not crying that a company took measures to not lose potentially millions of dollars.

I'm not even saying what EA did was correct, but DICE sure as shit failed to achieve what they were SUPPOSE to achieve. That is just terrible planning on DICE's behalf, and EA obviously figured the loss of sales from releasing as is was better than delaying it till the part of the year where sales suck the most.

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