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The Mario Bros. might be icons the world over, but it's Link and 'The Legend of Zelda' that seems to inspire the most lifelong fans of perhaps any single game franchise. Even so, the handheld versions have historically been like a progression of off-shoots. Now though, the SNES favorite 'A Link to the Past' has been the basis for a new 3DS sequel, ''The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.' This is the most personalized game in the franchise to date, and yet the story is among the most sterile. The dungeons are phenomenal, but the overworld is drab, if intelligently designed and easy to, within it, lose yourself in exploration.

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linkenski1481d ago

Holy shit, a reviewer who's actually critical of the things that didn't work in ALBW. Unlike IGN/10 this review is pretty much spot-on to my experience with ALBW too. Great by the numbers and very enjoyable, but the story and overworld are sterile. That's why I hope the ALBW trend is a one-off.

Geobros1481d ago

why 4 and not 5/5?? What he wants more from a Zelda title??