PCSX2 1.2.0 Released – Playstation 2′s Best Emulator Gets Even Better

DSOGaming writes: "Great news for PC gamers who want to relive some classic Playstation 2 games as the team behind PCSX2 – Playstation 2′s best emulator – has released a new stable version."

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Whitey2k1658d ago

I wonder if it is actually supporting ps4 in the update its added support on opengl

egidem1658d ago

I should not have read that...
Now I lost braincells I'll never get back :/

hay1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

It sure is supporting OpenGL part of the PS4.

But seriously, OpenGL is a 'middlebit' between your GPU and application, whenever you want to draw something on your screen(3D for the sake of purpose) either OpenGL(Pretty much any platform) or DirectX(Native Windows, third party, various systems) will be the one to be asked how much and which way.

So yeah, it will handle the draw calls, but it won't be able to even reach this phase as hardware/software architecture is entirely different.

justlikeme1658d ago

Just a matter of time homebrew will be on PS4. I can see this being one of the apps.

tee_bag2421658d ago

They could but the won't. Sony would rather sell you games you already own again.

PurpHerbison1657d ago

To be fair, pretty much everyone sells you games you already own. Hardly any innovation in this age of gaming.

Hicken1657d ago

I hate how Sony forces you to buy the games again. The oil from the gun barrel they put against my head really irritates my skin.

XtraTrstrL1658d ago

seems it's a good chance this is being released now because the ps1/ps2 emulation news that came out recently. Maybe Sony is working with them, who knows.

brich2331658d ago

or just stealing their work, and getting it to work on thier console lol. Since it already has similar PC architecture im sure it cant be to hard to port it over.

peowpeow1658d ago

PS2 has similar architecture?

4ShotKing1658d ago

Downloaded and now playing Kingdom Hearts in 1080p 60 FPS. This will be glorious!

Snookies121658d ago

Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix looks amazing in 1080p at 60FPS. Play that quite a lot on my PC. Good stuff, good stuff indeed.

peowpeow1658d ago

Oh my god I'm going to get right onto this

Magicite1658d ago

Big thanks to guys who developed PS1 and PS2 emulators. Now I am able to play my favourite classics at any framerate/resolution and they all look like HD remakes. Great job!

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The story is too old to be commented.