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In Flappy Bird players have to fly a stone-faced bird through as many Super Mario-esque green tubes as possible before they crash and die.

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1510d ago
gamer_1510d ago

Excellent review. although the 2.5 is a bit too generous, and what you mention about never stop playing, i actually will never START playing. I have plenty of REAL games that deserve my attention.

goldwyncq1510d ago

Is COD one of those REAL games that deserve your attention?

SilentNegotiator1510d ago

Of course. Anyone that doesn't like X can be reasonably assumed to like Call of Duty.


Tiqila1510d ago

best game still ist

goldwyncq1510d ago

Mobile games should never be judged in the same scale as console/PC games. With that said, this game is ridiculously addicting and fun. Definitely worth a try.

il-JumperMT1510d ago

A Bard's Tale 75 Euro cent only and comparable to console/PC Games.