Madden Bowl Prediction Completely Off

Sorry, EA Sports, you messed up this one this year. In today’s big game, the Seattle Seahawks overwhelm the Denver Broncos, 43 to 8. The results completely invalidate the prediction made by EA Sports’ Madden 25.

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FITgamer1625d ago

Thanks to the Broncos for making it the most boring Super Bowl i've seen in my 27 years.

badboy7761625d ago

Football is BS without the Raiders!

Omegasyde1625d ago

^^^ The Raiders suck. I went to a SB party with raider fans and when the Bronco's lost it was like the Raiders won the superbowl.

I told them, well the broco's got further.

They ignored facts and said the "donkeys" suck.

I then stated I bet they can't guess what team in the AFC West didn't go to the playoffs this year?

They quickly shut up and left to go home.

Omegabalmung1625d ago

Yeah it was pretty bad. Gave up after the first quarter >.<

Metallox1625d ago

lol Gave up after the first play.

Omegasyde1625d ago

Manning barely threw the last 8 minutes.

Even if your team is losing with no hope of winning, you owe it to your fans to atleast try.

GamersHeaven1625d ago

LOL I had to shut it off wasn't even looking at the TV.

Soldierone1625d ago

At least the commercials were entertaining.... oh wait, they were filled with boring moral stories.... lol

Bolts-N-Rays11091625d ago

For real. I put the game on mute and unmuted when the commercials came on.

HappyWithOneBubble1625d ago

Dude the commercials sucked ass too. Not one was funny.

Bolts-N-Rays11091625d ago

Yeah, the commercials weren't that great. I liked the Radioshack one. I was very disappointed in the Doritos commercials.

DC7771625d ago

Looked like Manning was playing with a high school team.

3-4-51625d ago

They didn't have the right sliders.

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Chupa-Chupa1625d ago

F!!!! Madden! Bring back NFL 2K!!

TruthfullySO1625d ago

Truest statement all night!

Beetey1625d ago

The only thing more off than the Madden Bowl's prediction was the Broncs offense. (oh snap)

Neoninja1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

Maybe next year Madden, maybe next year.
Was a boring game anyway since the Broncos decided not to show up.

sourav931625d ago

Error 404: Manning not found

Outside_ofthe_Box1625d ago

Madden is not a true football simulator so no surprise at all that it was completely off. NFL2K would have came up with a more accurate prediction.

Dmagic1625d ago

shut up you dont even know how to use defenses properly your the type of dude that uses the quarter to stop runs lmao.

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The story is too old to be commented.