Nintendo Plans To Enter Emerging Markets

This may have passed by the radar of most gamers and news outlets, but it’s no less newsworthy. Nintendo’s plans for the coming years include entering emerging markets, possibly with new products.

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nigelp5201603d ago

All Nintendo had to do was make a better console with a better launch lineup for hardocre gamers. not sing party wii u party crap

Vegamyster1603d ago

They should have never used the name "Wii-U" and they should have been prepared much better then they were, that being said the Wii-U is definitely not a bad console.

wonderfulmonkeyman1603d ago

You must have missed out on games like Deus Ex Director's Cut, Sonic: Lost World, Rayman Legends[plays best on Wii U] and The Wonderful 101, amongst other great first, second, third and indie entries.

Take your media-taught bias about Nintendo's game line-up somewhere else; it's an old joke.

wheresmymonkey1603d ago

Critically speaking the wiiu had the best launch lineup. It also had the largest launch lineup. There was plenty for the core. ZombiU, Blops II, AC3, Arkham City,

Chrischi19881603d ago

Never try to talk logic with a troll, who will simply deny everything you just said.

josephayal1603d ago

I Think The WII U is an amazing console and deserves time to gain momentum

gamer_1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

Nintendo needs to ditch te entire wii, mii stuff, honestly get rid of it all together for their next console. it should be something like NES2 or the Nintendo4k. no more wiiparty, no more miiverse or wiifit, change that to Nintendoverse and NintendoFit if you want to keep it. Just stop with the Mii Wii stuff. its time to move on.

AWBrawler1603d ago

you would single handedly kill Nintendo if you were in charge

ChickeyCantor1603d ago

Not just that his name would go down in history.

Chrischi19881603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

Like that would make the games itself any better^^

This statement shows us, that you call yourself one of the "mature" gamers^^

plsburydoughboy1603d ago

Nintendo could repackage Wii U for emerging markets. It might be a model lacking many features (say, anything online), region locked, and unavailable in the US or other markets they're in now.

And, it might work.

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