God of War comparisons 'unfair', says Lords of Shadow 2 producer

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 hits consoles later this month, promising to evolve on the solid outing of its predecessor while furthering the risky take on Castlevania lore.

Developer MercurySteam has a lot to prove according to producer Dave Cox, and that includes distancing itself from games established in the genre, while also establishing itself as a leading adventure series.

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GamersHeaven1574d ago

You borrowed heavily from God Of War and number of games especially Shadow Of The Colossus so I don't see how that comparison is unfair.

miyamoto1574d ago

Yup. First it was SotC & GoW now its The Legend of Zelda: OT. How creative & original cocky Mr. Cox is.

hay1573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )

The comparisons are unfair. First Lords of Shadow was a significant rip off the God of War mechanic. There shouldn't be any unfair comparisons but plain and obvious truth about lack of inspiration behind Lords of Shadow gameplay or at least how freakin similar it is.

They only success of Lords of Shadow IS: GoW gameplay, Castlevania legacy, and Kojima being a celebrity puppet for the game production.

Coparison to GoW series is unfair. GoW built something, Lords of Shadow is just "inspired" by whatever was built previously.

bryam19821573d ago

this game is set to fail only reason i played first one was the kojima involvement anything kojima touch becomes gold......i wonder how he does at the bathroom????? :-S

Studio-YaMi1573d ago

While I respect what God of War gave to the genre,saying that Lords of Shadow has lack of inspiration is not true and IS unfair.

Lords of Shadow was a good game overall,not the best I'v played in the genre but it well deserves a second chance(LOS2!) and I'm willing to buy the sequel and support it.

ChickeyCantor1573d ago

Did anyone play Curse of Darkness? From the sweeping mechanic aside, it's closer to what Curse of Darkness is doing anyways.

Roccetarius1573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )

People will probably deny it, but Lords of Shadow did improve upon this game. I saw a copy of it from a store nearby, and i wasn't sure if i should get it.

ChickeyCantor1573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )


The music alone makes it worth it. The game is absolutely awesome imo.

I played it on the xbox, not sure how it stacks on the Ps2.

Double_Oh_Snap1574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

Yeah I don't really see where Dave Cox's problem is. Even if his goal is to distance himself away from GOW. People will still always compare the two. Simply because they play so similar.

SixtyNine1573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )

I think Lord of Shadows has a better combat system than God of War.

Studio-YaMi1573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )

Nah,while I enjoyed both,GOW combat system is more fluid and responsive,making chains of blasts more rewarding & just pure epic fun.

LOS didn't give me that,but it did give a game that I enjoyed overall.

Of course both of these games fall short to DMC series and Bayonetta.

Tontus1568d ago

God of War isn't trying to compete with the DMC or Bayonetta series' combat though, they may as well be different genre. J H&S and W H&S like there's WRPG and JRPS, same genre technically but so different.

GoW is accessible for casuals yet has that depth for the hardcore and it strikes the balance perfectly and is a hell of a lot more fun to play that anything else in the genre, a.k.a why GoW is the most acclaimed and bestselling in the genre by light-years and most developers of the genre have been inspired by it.

CocoWolfie1573d ago

it works well with it and thats all its need to do for any game to stand on its own!

nope1111573d ago

It is unfair. GoW having such a simplistic combat combined with bad writing (except when Ready at dawn guys are doing it) it's rather insulting really.


Tontus1568d ago

GoW has a perfect combo system and great writing. You're the simplistic troglodyte who didn't understand the concept of hope.

I at least hope you understand that in the game, hope is not just an emotion Kratos needs but the name of a magic/power? Probably not.

Go back to your cave.

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