Nintendo customer service not sure when Super Mario Bros. 3 will be out on the NA Virtual Console

Although it should hardly come as a surprise, Nintendo customer service has no clue as to when Super Mario Bros. 3 will be launching on the North American Virtual Console.

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drop_dead_ed141655d ago

It seriously only takes 1 great game from the "retro" years to keep this service at respectable levels... 1 game, Nintendo has so many from yesteryears, all I'm asking for is 1 game every other week from Nintendo's golden chest, so the other games can take a piece.

If we got a solid entry (earthbound) VC game every other week I'd be sold. Unfortunately, NoA has yet to deliver a consistent pattern, unless anyone can suggest any games besides the obvious stellar games on the VC.

Shouldn't they be investing in games currently not in the Wii's VC library?

Rockefellow1652d ago

You got Ninja Gaiden this week, and A Link to the Past last week (if you're in North America). I think your pattern is being fulfilled nicely.