Titanfall Pre-Order Bonuses Don't Include DLC, Beta Keys

Gaming Blend: Gamers will be able to pick up a few freebies by pre-ordering Titanfall. You won't miss out anything vital by waiting until after launch to pick up the game, though.

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mos61421624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

Good, dlc pre order is just nonsense. Essentially cutting out content to increase pre orders is just BS.

TomShoe1624d ago

It's a good thing to just hand out Titanfall swag instead of DLC codes.

The Amazon and Best buy deals look like the best ones. The strategy guide will be nice if you don't want to look up stuff on the internet. On Best Buy's side, free money is free money.

PsylentKiller1624d ago

It would be nice if I could preorder digital copies or buy download codes from retailers like Amazon or NewEgg like I can for the PS4. Come on MS. Oh and can we please be able to preload games prior to launch a la Steam and Sony.

Thank you

Regis1623d ago

Its a poster from what I saw at gamestop

wls10121624d ago

l need this game to be awesome...please be awesome

Dlacy13g1624d ago

I am still on the fence of keeping preorder vs buying day one digital.

xxShadow-Shockxx1623d ago

Why not wait to see how the game actually is, that's what I'm doing

Dlacy13g1623d ago

I played the Alpha. I am sold enough already.

Advanxed1623d ago

Good, everyone gives DLC for Pre-Orders.