Atelier Ayesha Plus for PS Vita Gets a Large Batch of Screenshots and Artwork

Gust just released a large batch of screenshots of the upcoming PS Vita JRPG Atelier Ayesha Plus, port of the 2012 PS3 classic Atelier Ayesha.

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dedicatedtogamers1631d ago

Always wanted to try this series ever since I saw it on PS2, but haven't pulled the trigger yet. Maybe I'll jump in with this one. Any fans of the series want to chime in? I know there are already 2 of these available on Vita.

PoSTedUP1631d ago

im a new fan. i started when Atelier Totori AP of Arland first hit vita. im really into it. its lighthearted, good story, likeable characters, pretty cool crafting (experamenting). the quests can be a grind, but i enjoy them. they game really took off after the beginning grind when you get your license to go adventuring anywhere. you have to do things by a certain date (most of them are not manditory, which is a relief). id say watch some gameplay and see how you feel. i think its almost 3gigs.

Rob72741631d ago

Hope it gets a western release.

dark-kyon1631d ago

they need first bring new atelier rorona.

PoSTedUP1631d ago

indeed, but i still need to get through meruru first. :$

Pozzle1630d ago

Love, love, love the artwork for this game!

Rodney251629d ago

Aysha plus! I have this for my 3 and the other two pluses for vita so if this comes out I gotta buy, buy, buy.