Top 10 Nintendo Sequels/Reboots We’re Dying To See On The Wii U

Chris Vellucci writes: "Nintendo is in a bit of a rut right now, but if anything can be said about Nintendo, it’s that it won’t stop them. We can all agree that Nintendo has some of the best IP’s on the market and here at SpawnFirst, we believe that either a reboot or sequel to these following games would be lovingly embraced by gamers of all consoles. The games are in no particular order, but get ready to reminisce."

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gamer_1447d ago

Get Camelot off mario golf and on Golden Sun Wiiu.

-Foxtrot1447d ago

Luigis Mansion 2

The 3DS one being spilt up into "levels" and not being open like the first game is kind of off putting.

I would of rather seen a sequel on the Wii U where you have a much bigger mansion to explore

I suppose they can still do it, it's only called Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon in Japan so I guess Luigis Mansion 2 could be on consoles.

linkenski1447d ago

No. It's "Luigi's Mansion 2" in Europe so having an offcial NA/JP "Luigi's Mansion 2" it would need to be called "Luigi's Mansion 3" or something in Europe.

They should just make LM3 and call it that for all regions and then it should be on Wii U and have an open-ended design like you said. That would be sweet.

kirbyu1447d ago

Or they could just give the third game a subtitle instead of putting a number on it.

wonderfulmonkeyman1447d ago

Me personally, I would die and go to HEAVEN if Nintendo somehow swooped in and brokered whatever deal they need to deal, to free up the Metal Arms: Glitch in the System franchise from back in the Gamecube days.

Did you all know that that game was originally supposed to be the first game in a TRILOGY?

I want to see that happen.
It could be the "Ratchet&Clank" of Nintendo, if only they'd acknowledge it as such and do whatever it took to get it under their wing...

KRaZiGLiTcH1444d ago

Metal Arms such an awesome game ^_^ are you part of WeWantMetalArms2 ?.

wonderfulmonkeyman1444d ago

There's a petition for such a thing?
Well link me to it, man! I ain't got all day!XD

KRaZiGLiTcH1444d ago that's it there is also twitter but the facebook page has loads of rare stuff ^_^ even merchandise.

KRaZiGLiTcH1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

Search for WeWantMetalArms2 in google as i got marked as spam for links i guess ?? or a hater

Geobros1447d ago

Just give us a Metroid for 3DS, we want it!!!

As for the list, Conker, Eartbound and Megaman are in top for me. Just I can't wait to see Conker 2 or a 3D platform like this and to not be called "Mario" please....