Xbox One Losing Console War

It is no secret Xbox One is losing the console war between it and counterpart playstation 4. Microsoft has since been developing a series of marketing strategies to help win the edge in the video-game console wars. The strategies have consisted from branching out to social media outlets, to rumors of a cheaper, more affordable version of Xbox One. Although a two-tier pricing system was seen with the release of Microsoft’s Xbox360, that proved pretty successful for them, the shocking new detail of the cheaper version is the lack of a optical disk drive.

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BigFnHooters1654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )

Can't really be surprising to anyone.

The Xbox 360 came in last place in worldwide sales despite:

* Being 200 dollars cheaper than the PS3
* Was rushed out the door a year early(a year and a half in Europe) to try to pad out the installed base numbers
* Tens of millions of duplicate Xbox 360s sold due to the RRoD fiasco
* A massive smear campaign against Sony in the US gaming media

All that and Microsoft still ended up in last place.

Microsoft won't have the RRoD fiasco to pad out their installed base numbers this gen.

GarrusVakarian1654d ago

In other news, the sky is blue and water is wet!

Who would've thunk it?

PeaSFor1654d ago

Truefan1 just shed a tear.

NatureOfLogic1654d ago

If Xbone is losing in its home territory, MS doesn't stand a chance worldwide. So far, Xbone is not relevant outside of NA. We're already seeing the Xbox camp panic with price cut rumours and controlled leaks.

Sammy7771654d ago

MS has cash at hand. They could have easily launched a more powerful console and tomorrow when Tomb Raider numbers are out , we would know how detrimental are those negative articles which reported xb1 version running at half the frames

kreate1654d ago

'MS has cash at hand'

agreed with this statement.
MS does have a financial advantage over sony.

though im not sure how much of that cash MS is willing to invest on the xbox division.

medman1654d ago

Uhhh...Ps4 Tomb Raider outselling Bone Tomb Raider 2:1. And if Microsoft could have launched a more powerful console, they should have. Sony did, what's Microsoft's excuse? Kinect and TV? Good lawd!!!!

GamersHeaven1654d ago

Couldn't have said it better my self.

doolin_dalton1654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )


Xbox brand - 25 million to 80 million
Playstation brand - 150 million to 80 million

You can ramble on and on about what "place" each finished. It's all you've got to distract the uninformed masses from the numbers that REALLY matter. Same with duplicate purchases from RROD. You have ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE to back up your opinion, but the uninformed masses will gladly agree with you so you can all sleep better at night thinking you're actually right. Ditto for the "media smear campaign" that exists only in the minds of the most radical haters.

Only in the most delusional world is is better to lose 70 million customers than it is to gain 55 million. Welcome to that world.

PS3 "beating" the 360, after what happened in the previous generation, is like an NFL team needing a last second field goal to beat a high school team. If a "victory" like that is so important to you, then by all means keep posting your BS.

As far as this generation goes, after just witnessing a console that launched at a higher price eventually catch up to it's lower priced competition, do you really think it's impossible for it to happen again? Just because you don't WANT it to happen doesn't mean that it won't.

AngelicIceDiamond1654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )

@Hooters Last place? they are tied. Every PlayStation fan says this but link me proof of this.


medman1654d ago

Thank you for your discernment Biffnhooters...everything you stated is fact. Too bad so many among us can't handle the truth.

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dedicatedtogamers1654d ago

"It is hard to pinpoint one reason why the Sony Playstation 4 is beating the Xbox One in this generation’s console war."

No, it really, really isn't hard at all. People who puppet this line are only allowing the problems that is causing the X1 to sell less to persist.

GarrusVakarian1654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )

""It is hard to pinpoint one reason why the Sony Playstation 4 is beating the Xbox One in this generation’s console war."

Lmao, i could list 5 off the top of my head.

1.Their strong attitude/focus towards gamers.
4.1st party studios.
5. Their 2 decade long reputation of delivering great games. People know what they are getting when they buy a PS4 based off past playstations. Many of us grew up with the PS brand.

stuna11654d ago

Master Lukas, I ask that you train me in the ways of the force!?

Not saying that Microsoft won't sell a boat load of consoles, but to any conscientious buyer there is where their issue lies! In this economic climate people do realise the value of saving an extra hundred dollars. For those saying it doesn't, perhaps to you it doesn't, but the fact of the matter you are the minority! A new PS4/Xbox1 sets them apart from your everyday run of the mill Tablet/Iphone, The Iphone/Tablet scenerio is quite easy to understand when you have different iterations coming out every 6 months to a year with not huge leap ahead in technology, thereby making it more reliable in many peoples eyes, because they pretty much know what their getting! Why do you think we see mass exoduses when people are not getting what they have come to expect out of a phone/tablet, to them power means nothing to them, but feature on the other hand are a different story.

Consoles having long lifespans actually work against them, because most can't establish a reference point as far how powerful they should be at the time of release! Many know this to be true, because if it wasn't we wouldn't have PC gamers stating how outdated consoles are when theres any mention of specifications in the conversation. Here's another example; When the WII U released, didn't it automatically become the measuring stick to all other consoles before it? Yes it did, but it also became an up to date reference point for the consoles that were to follow!

The PS4 has presented a unique take on getting more value for less money, and the fact that good news travels fast, but bad news travels faster! Is exactly why things are happening the way they are.


I was agreeing with you, the spin on your name was in response to something that popped into my head.

hello121654d ago

Sony is broke, they're even letting of staff to restructure the company, if they don't they'll go bankrupt.

This is recent and it should worry PS4 owners. This is the reality not some conspiracy theory!

There is reason Sony is struggling bringing out new IP's and this will continue. Sony will be heavily depend on Indies and Multiplats this generation to keep PS4 owners happy.

Infamous, Killzone, uncharted are not new. The only true new IP to arrive on the PS4 is the Order 1886. And very little of anything of the game has been shown since E3.

GarrusVakarian1654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )


My comment above must have made you upset for you to go on such an off topic rant. You sound like Belking, resorting to arguing financial states because you have no other arguments. Face facts, the PS4 is dominating. There's no other way to put it. The reasons i listed are perfect reasons why that dominance is occurring.

"There is reason Sony is struggling bringing out new IP's"

Or they are still being made....maybe? Sony doesn't just buy the rights to games from 3rd party developers and call them exclusives. Titanfall, Ryse and Dead Rising 3 are just that....mutliplat quality games that are exclusive for one reason and one reason only....payouts from MS. I want quality from my exclusives....and judging from past releases, the PS brand offers the best quality games.

johndoe112111654d ago


OMG!!! What the hell does any of that have to do with the topic at hand??? You're making truefan look like a sony fanboy.

O.T. I don't know how badly microsoft will loose this console war but I do know they are not gonna have repeat sales to boost numbers this time.

I still think the system will sell well enough for them to make an xbox two but this gen will belong to sony.


I don't think there are any other reasons besides the ones you just listed. You basically covered everything.

SLUG1654d ago

KNWS i read this to thats very true someone told me not to buy a ps4 because of this i think that xbo is going to be in a very good in the console wars

avengers19781654d ago

@knws... Sony the company maybe struggling a little bit right now, but they also have there hands in everything, movies, music, TV show, making electronics like, TV's, radios, phones, computers... Etc. but the playstation brand has done very well in the video game competition PS1, PS2, and PS3 all sold more than 75 million units, and they own quite a few of the best game studios out there.

MS pays money to other devs to make there games exclusive to XBOX.
For Sony to lose out on there exclusives they would have to sell there studios, for MS to lose exclusives it only takes those third party devs to decide that they might make more money selling there game on all consoles. (Bioshock, Mass Effect come to mind)

AngelicIceDiamond1654d ago

"Their 2 decade long reputation of delivering great games. People know what they are getting when they buy a PS4 based off past playstations. Many of us grew up with the PS brand."

That's only half true. When the PS3 released it wasn't nearly as popular as the PS2 and MS starting taking huge chunks of market share away from Sony. Despite unappealing games (at first), hard to develop hardware(shady ports), weird advertisements, and cocky PR it was mainly the price.

Now the PS3 has redeem itself from the pit and now the PS4 is soaring now.

So name brand can be good but quickly be a downfall.

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Sammy7771654d ago

the power difference will be a big selling point i guess. We will certainly see when UK and eu numbers are out

MasterCornholio1654d ago

Oh yeah like its difficult to locate Dons epic screw ups with the system.


Or Microsoft telling us "All your games are belong to us"


Megaton1654d ago

I spent 30 minutes today calling around trying to find a PS4 I could buy. Just about every time someone said they were out of stock, they jumped to tell me they had plenty of bones if I was interested in that instead. Retail is as desperate to get rid of them as Microsoft is desperate to make you believe it's a success.

ReBurn1654d ago

I walked into Target on Friday evening and just picked one up. There were 7 that just came in that afternoon. Probably didn't last long, though. If you're looking for one and there's a Target in your area ask the folks in electronics when their trucks come in. You might get lucky.

Hicken1654d ago

We've got four PS4s and four XB1s at my store. The XB1s have been there since Christmas, but most of the PS4s have been around since the restock. For the most part, people have stopped checking to see if we have them because we were out for so long. I don't watch TV like I used to, but I imagine there should be- if there isn't already- a campaign to let regular folks who don't come to gaming websites know that there ARE PS4s in stores right now.

Megaton1654d ago

I ended up finding one at a GameStop on the other side of the valley (I live in LA). All the Targets, Best Buys, Walmarts, etc. I checked were out, as well as a couple of the non-chain gaming stores I called like GameDude in North Hollywood.

$501 and a 20-mile round trip later:

GameSpawn1654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )

Congrats Megaton and ReBurn for your finds. It's like finding a rare gem at this point. Sony might as well engrave everyone's name on the damn things at this point because they are sold before they've even left the assembly line -- demand is ludicrous.

There is not long until a few more games drop in February and March (just enough time to play what interests you of the launch games), so maybe it's fate that you found them when you did.

Megaton1654d ago

I was gonna wait for Infamous before getting mine, but I was sitting at my computer this morning thinking that I should just go out and get one. Realized I had $780 cash on me, so I just decided to do it. It was the 2nd time I had ever been to a GameStop. The first was to get Kojima's autograph. Only under the most dire of circumstances do I step foot into a GameSlop.

CernaML1654d ago

Yo Megaton! Im also in the San Fernando area and freaggin love Gamedude.

I can confirm that the PS4 was completely out everywhere I went to look around the area. Had to resort to craigslist to get mine. :P

I was surprised to see a few at Target in Pacoima not too long ago.

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hello121654d ago

Two months since November launch. Losing the console war. Lets see who is winning by the end of the summer?

Microsoft when it starts selling in China. Sony will be behind. Chinese are not buying Japanese goods as much due to the tensions between both countries.

KimoNoir1654d ago

Nah. The chinese are smart fuckers. They know what the trends are world wide and they know whats the better brand. That's why theyd sell a kidney for an iphone

Majin-vegeta1654d ago

* Chinese are not buying Japanese goods as much due to the tensions between both countries.

Wow,Talk about being uneducated and ignorant.As someone who is dating someone that is mix of both Japanese and chinese with some Hispanic thrown in there I say you're full of sh*t.The only ones who still hold a grudge are the nutcases just like all other countries out there who have people that don't like an other race.

OT:Why xbox is losing is simple.M$ thought people would just bend over accept what ever they threw at them.But M$ made one big mistake.WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE ONES THAT KEEP YOU IN BUSINESS NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.

BlakHavoc1654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )

Seriously dude? Lol, and you think the Chinese just love American goods simply cause it's "American"? The Chinese understand what the most popular products are out there, they are for what ever will help generate the most money. If the PS4 continues to do well, it'll do fine in China.

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