10 reasons The Last of Us shouldn't be ported to the PS4

The Last of Us is one of the best-looking games on the PlayStation 3, and it may very well be the best-looking game of the entire generation from a technical standpoint. So seriously, what more do you want?

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Thatguy-3101511d ago

The main reason I want the game ported is simply for its multi-player. The multi-player was great and a port would bring life back into it.

jimbobwahey1511d ago

1080p 60fps would be pretty nice as well and yeah, it's a great multiplayer game so why not port it? Not everybody likes to keep every single old console hooked up to their TV.

badboy7761511d ago

More time to develop Last Of Us 2 For PS4!

minimur121511d ago

Another reason could be that when playing the game on ps3, the ds4 works with it if you tether. I have one of my 2 ds4's constantly connected to my ps3, and switch round every now and then

Conzul1510d ago

Well said.
Why tether a classic to a console.
I want a definitive edition for PS4, and I'll pay.
I'm sure I'm not alone.

Gaming1011510d ago

Dude ^ the team working on TLOU2 wouldn't be working on the port of the first game, it would be given to a separate smaller dev team filled with beginners so they can get some experience working with the console architecture.

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Omar911511d ago

I was going to agree with this article but your actually right. I loved the multiplayer and would still play it if it wasn't for me being so lazy and getting the disc to insert into my ps3 lol. I would def buy it again (only if it sony had the special $10 special from ps3 to ps4) I had great times playing with my buddies and if it were to come over to ps4 I would add another hundred hours into it.

elmaton981511d ago

Well in my opinion. Don't be surprise if it is 39.99 (since it's a great game) or 59.99 because I'll buy it in a flash like I did last time. My ps3 went to my father since I don't need it anymore, but I have my ps4 on me and I'll feeling like buying all games that are coming to it like tlou for example.

Xer0_SiN1511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

ill give you one reason why it should. its the best game of the last generation. notice how i just said game and not exclusive game. i would definately pay again for a ps4 copy! do it sony...i dare you ;).

jc485731511d ago

There are just little things they can improve on like the missing reflection, but that's about it.

Aces171511d ago

If it will be on PS Now then a port isn't really needed. I do want to play the multiplayer again.

Megaton1511d ago

1 reason it should: I just bought a PS4 a couple hours ago and I don't have a PS3.

Megaton1511d ago

I had 2 die on me. I'm done with the PS3.

TheGamingArt1511d ago

Personally, I don't want to migrate back to a dual shock 3. I'd rather continue playing the last of us using a dual shock 4 within a next gen environment.

ginsunuva1510d ago


That means either you're very unlucky (low chance) or you were doing something wrong to those consoles like putting them in a closed, hot, dusty space (more likeley.)

TheLumilounge1511d ago

^This. I moved onto the PS4 and have some PS3 titles left - not being able to play The Last of Us again sucks, and whilst PS Now solves it. Having to pay is trivial.

jc485731511d ago

fat ps3? those were meant to die sooner than later. Slim PS3 should last you longer.

CrossingEden1511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

I would only be interested in a ps4 port if they implemented the things that we saw in the e3 demo into the full game, especially the A.I., the dynamic A.I. that reacts according to player actions, like having very good ducking animations, or hiding behind corners to ambush the player, or enemies that grab you and call out to their allies to shoot you. None of these things actually happen in the real game. even RE5 had enemies that grab you outside of scripted in-game cutscenes. Like everyone who hates Tomb Raider says, a graphical update+all the dlc is not worth $60, right?

Irishguy951511d ago

They ain't gonna do all that for a port, especially when it seems the vast majority were completely satisfied by actual game, some even cite it game of the gen. It's weird the way ND blatantly got away with it but oh well.

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