South Park: The Stick of Truth Gets A New TV Spot and Two Hilarious Trailers

Ubisoft and Obsidian released today three new clips of the upcoming hilarity-inducing RPG South Park: The Stick of Truth.

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-Foxtrot1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

If they want this to sell they need to bring it to current gen platforms. Most people, for money, had to sell their last gen's not really fair on them to miss out on this when they knew about new consoles coming up and the fact this was also delayed.

Irishguy951624d ago

Waa? There's 80 mill 360s and 80 mill Ps3s out there. There are around 5 mill Ps4s and 4 mill X1's....

The smart thing for devs to do is stick to last gen for a while. COD Ghosts being an example of that.

I also wouldn't even think of selling the Ps3 at this point. This will be the best year for Ps+ on the system yet. Even 2 months in it's already ridiculously high quality games

Bioshock infinite
And some other game that I liked but can't remember.

-Foxtrot1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

Sorry my original comment was supposed to say

"If they want this to sell MORE"

I missed a word out....apologies.

alexkoepp1624d ago

I agree, port it to next gen or im not buying a copy... this type of game shouldn't be hard to port at all. you can probably catch a xb1/ps4 version up before the game releases

FamilyGuy1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

What reason is there to port a game like this anyway? It's cell-shaded to look more like the cartoon, not exactly the kind of graphics that would see a huge improvement by releasing on more powerful machines.

"you can probably catch a xb1/ps4 version up before the game releases"

What the f..
I takes months at the very least to port a game, this is set to release in March, there's no where near enough time.

joel_c171624d ago

Anybody who sold their last gen console for a new gen console are not very smart people.

Ratty1624d ago

Seriously. I still have like 65 games on PS3 in physical format only and one PS4 game (besides the free games on +) I don't know what I'd do without my PS3.

Pixel_Enemy1624d ago

Yeah, if you sold your PS3 to get $100 off an Xbox One you are the real loser here.

Glad I still have my PS3, Xbox 360 along with my PS4. I won't miss out on Titanfall, PvZ, Southpark etc.

Muffins12231624d ago

I did that but i dont have a half ass shit pc so i can run this....

alexkoepp1624d ago

Anybody who hasn't been fed up with a generation that went on far, far too long is crazy. Take PS3 and X360 out back and shoot them, it's time to revive gaming.

theDivision1624d ago

It wasn't selling my last gen console, it was no longer subscribing to Xbox live. So for games like this I don't miss out but games like dark souls 2 why would I want to pay extra money on top of the game price just to get the full experience?

MachineGunnTalk1624d ago

who wants to play on old outdated consoles not gamers, out with the old in with the new, what kind of idiots would buy games not current gen? losers thats who. if u don't have xbox one or a ps4 or are still playing last gen you are considered a loser thank you..

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Ratty1624d ago

They also need to move the release date away from March. I have to skip on that game in favor of Ground Zeroes and inFamous... and I still want Dark Souls II before it. It actually only beats FFX HD on my list and not by much. I want all of those games almost equally. It's a really painful month.

joel_c171624d ago

So many good games in march

minimur121624d ago

I'll play them for you bro!

dumahim1624d ago

It's not fair? lol. Oh man.

FamilyGuy1624d ago

That actually made a joke about that in that in the trailer just now by saying "Definitive". They're always so up to date with current events, it was no accident lol.

I, like many other intelligent next system owners, kept my last gen console because I knew it would still be relevant for a while. You'd have to have really been strapped for cash to ditch a system with so many games still on it and releasing soon.

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Snookies121624d ago

Haha, the Mr. and Mrs. Hankey one was great. I'm definitely picking this up!

LAWSON721624d ago

m rated with nudity lol.
This game is going to be hilarious, but all I want is a solid release date.

Ratty1624d ago

Um... it's coming out next month.

joel_c171624d ago

For realsies? awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww yeah

joel_c171624d ago

I want this game so bad.

Iamnemesis48801624d ago

This game is good but screw them if they will not release on the X1

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