'Dungeon Keeper' is a PC classic given new life on tablets—but maybe not how fans expect

"Dungeon Keeper is back in ways that might not be what fans of the original are expecting."

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killatia1659d ago

Sad that this interview didn't even talk about the pay-walls in this game.

hay1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

Because paywall is a feature. You don't have to use it and you "lose none of the fun", you can "achieve the same things as pay2win people with just a little bit more effort".

Every publisher is pretty convinced(himself) that the game is solid enough as stand alone experience without all this micro(common BS strategy behind such practices). Is it...? Really...

hazelamy1658d ago

they'd like people to believe that.

but when breaking many of the blocks can take four hours per block they're shameless.
it's either pay up or wait days to do anything.

the thing is, get rid of these ludicrous timer bullshit, and they could sell the game and people would buy it.

i probably would.

as it is now though, it's not worth the price they're selling it for, which is nothing.

Bio_Mod1658d ago

Load of s#£t, played earlier not really up for waiting a day to mine one bit of rock.

Bullfrog come back, I need DK3.