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Six years and eight months after the PS3 European launch, and with 80m consoles sold worldwide in the interim, the new PlayStation is finally here. Sony has positioned the angular new PS4 as a purebred gaming machine, with a powerful hardware specification and no multimedia fripperies to be seen. (PS4) 5/5

ReBurn  +   175d ago
Just got mine this weekend. Love that DualShock 4. It feels good in my hands.
SpitFireAce85  +   175d ago
Welcome to the PlayStation Nation on the Next Gen PS4...:)
Saito  +   175d ago
Fantastic system.
Hicken  +   175d ago
Can't wait to get my hands on mine.
AsunaYuukiTheFlash  +   175d ago
It is a very well made console. I can't wait for the top tier developers to release their games.
BlakHavoc  +   175d ago
Excellent console, a few things it could use to make it even better but so far there's nothing that needs immediate improvement IMO. Love the DS4, it fits much better in your hands and the R2/L2 buttons feel much more natural now. Not to mention the built in speaker is kind of cool, and regardless of what some people may say the touch pad is a nice add, as well as the light bar(dont understand why people want the option to turn it off). Just need more games to play on it, and yes I know Sony will deliver the goods lol, just patiently waiting till then. 2014 has a lot of games for me to enjoy and I can't wait, really enjoying Tomb Raider and i'm waiting on Thief, Infamous and MGS and i'll be set for a while. O yeah, Drive club and Planetside 2 need to hurry the F up as well!
mike32UK  +   175d ago
I love my ps4, I've never put so much use into a launch system! However, I think currently is a 4.5 once it has Media server capabilities and a proper media file system then I can happily give it a 5
MasterCornholio  +   175d ago
It's not perfect but its a bloody good system.

1080P heaven oh yes.
menghina  +   175d ago
Got my PS4 last week , so happy with it :D can't wait for Infamous SS.
jacksjus  +   174d ago
The PS4 is dope but c'mon it's not perfect. Anyone who gets it would be pleased more so than not, but a 5/5 is misleading. Realistically it can be better basedon what the PS3 already did that it can't right now. Not having 3D BluRay playback is enough alone to make it less than perfect.

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