Xbox's youtube channel showcases its NFL partnership

Microsoft rolls out the welcome wagon for NFL Super Bowl XLVIII.

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badboy7761570d ago ShowReplies(3)
PsylentKiller1570d ago

The Xbox tent on Super Bowl BLVD was pretty cool. I thought it was just going to be madden but as I got closer I saw they had a few other games going. The lines weren't long to play a game but I had a Ranger game to get to at Yankee stadium.

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ambientFLIER1569d ago

I saw it too. I saw Madden, Forza, and some kind of jet-ski racing game that used kinect. What was it??

PsylentKiller1569d ago

Kinect sports. I thought the xbox version of the Vince Lambardi trophy was pretty cool. Although, it seems like the XB1 is the Broncos and the PS4 is the Seahawks right now. Here's to Titanfall turning things around.

ambientFLIER1569d ago

Lol, well, it's not quite 8 to 42...but yeah, the PS4 is in the lead.

hankmoody1570d ago

I have to say, the integration of the NFL app on the XB1 is pretty sweet. Hoping they'll do something similar with NBA and MLB because I will definitely watch more televised sports as a result.

Blaze9291570d ago

Using the NFL app on Xbox One yesterday for the Super Bowl was a pretty amazing and unique experience. People are so quick to bash something they never even at least tried.

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