Rich people alert: Google Glass has games

Hardcore Gamer: Forget about the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, those consoles are for poor people. You could buy both for under a grand, and that’s just unacceptable in some crowds. The problem is that, with the economy the way that it is, affluent gamers are forced to play with hapless, regular folk. Until now, that is.

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ChaosKnight1575d ago

Hooray, now I don't have to pay attention to traffic!

blacktiger1575d ago

idiot like you deserve to get banned while driving! Hope that happened with mobile already Or someone is going to die soon :(

Shad0wRunner1575d ago

Google Glass has a lot of potential.

This thing would be great for watching tv on, surfing the web, checking emails, or even as some kind of HUD display. The games need to get a little more complex and sophisticated, to compete with anything PC or consoles are doing...but these little demo games show that it can be done.

But...I believe Glass needs a lot of work and creative ingenuity to become more than what it is now - an overpriced gimmick, for the wealthy.

Would like to see where this thing is in 10 years time, tho.

peowpeow1574d ago

Battery tech needs to advance

annus1575d ago

What the hell is up with the writing in that article? Was it meant to be funny? That's some terrible 'journalism'.

LogicLee1575d ago

Apologies for breaking your rules and not being funny enough master! Please, I say please don't whip me again!

joel_c171575d ago

Love it when the author of an article comes into the comment section and
Cries about some criticism - makes you look like a 12 year old. If you submit something on the internet, somebody will critisise it. Don't be a big vagina about it.

LogicLee1575d ago

You're right, master! I shouldn't make eye water when people don't talk nice to me. Don't worry, master, I promise I won't be a big vagina about it no more, master! I swear, master! Just, just give me one more chance, master!

joel_c171575d ago

ok so are are twelve years old. Glad i didnt click on your site :)

annus1575d ago


Don't go to hard on him, I think he might also have down syndrome.

LogicLee1575d ago


"Don't stop believing." - Axl Rose