Respawn Excited but Worried by Titanfall's Launch, Beta Won't Have NDA; Only 3 Titans at Launch

Respawn Entertainment is gearing up for the incoming launch of Titanfall on March 11th, and of course there are mixed feelings about it, as expressed by co-founder Vince Zampella, as we also learn that the beta won't have an NDA and that there will be only 3 titans at launch.

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PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1569d ago

i guess you have to pay for the other titans. typical

Abriael1569d ago

I'm not sure there'll be any. The titans they have are heavy/medium/light. Adding others could be redundant.

dedicatedtogamers1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

Why in the world would it be redundant? There's a gold mine of potential there. There are entire game genres devoted solely to mech combat.

- customizing your own mech (EDIT: I should point out that you CAN customize your mech's loadout to a certain degree, but you can't make any major appearance changes).
- more mech varieties (some are faster, some boost better, some have special abilities).
- various special mechs that only spawn under certain conditions.

I'm hopeful that the PC version is in order at launch, since that is the version I'll be trying.

Aces171569d ago

I'm pretty sure 5 different types of Titans have been revealed. So they mean that there will be 3 in the beta? There was only one in the Alpha.

Abriael1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

@Aces: only 3 have been revealed: the Ogre, the Atlas and the Stryder.

Godmars2901569d ago

And the question is, that as a mech game, will Titanfall offer more than humanoid units. Especially when infantry rather than mech combat seems to be its focus.

Right now mechs only come off as power up you only really interact with during combat. Will only customize in terms of paint style and decals rather than weapon load-outs.

-Foxtrot1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

Or...they could add another set of Heavy/Medium/ balance it out but with different looks, weapons, attacks etc so there's more variation

AceBlazer131569d ago

@dedicated what are you expecting of titanfall? It's an fps, the titans are score streaks so i highly doubt it'll have in depth customizing.Titanfall is not one of those games devoted solely to mech,'titan' combat.

dedicatedtogamers1569d ago


The only thing unique or interesting about Titanfall (to me) is the mechs. The other aspects have been done before plenty of times.

If the mechs are merely "killstreaks" with no customization and limited options, what's the point? Heck, the cover art for the game has a Titan featured prominently. All of the trailers feature Titans. The PR segments for Titanfall talk about how cool the Titans are.

I understand the game is not solely focused on mechs, but mechs are a big part of it.

Pro Racer1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )


Mentions PC and gets dislikes - lol at typical N4G. Needless to say I agree with dedicatedtogamers.

H0RSE1569d ago

"I'm not sure there'll be any. The titans they have are heavy/medium/light. Adding others could be redundant."

- That's like saying any class after fighter, thief, and mage, is redundant in an rpg...

As mentioned below, there is a wealth of potential for classes. For instance, how about a melee focused class or a supportive class that can offer offensive of defensive advantages to friendly mechs? Maybe a mech that can repair itself and others, or a long range/artillery specialist?

Even if they kept just the 3 mechs, there is a lot of potential with just the selection of customization/loadouts they could offer.

Spinal1568d ago


Have you not seen the leaked Alpha gameplay? It really is CoD with Mechs. The mechs are just killstreak bonuses.

Once you kill a certain amount of enemies it pops up with an option to call your Titan.

Go and google the leaked alpha footage. Watch the game in action, thats how i judge a game via Gameplay. Not word of mouth or reviews/previews.

I won't be buying the game something will have to Drastically change from alpha to release for that to happen and its very rare for a game to change that much. Knowing its Infinity ward as respawn i dobut it will.

sinjonezp1568d ago

i think respawn should have looked at classic mech games to make their game more robust. i think they should have looked a lot into a classic series like Armored Core. The customization in that game gav hundreds of different possible loadouts. give players the ability to create vastly different mechs, resulting in different batflefields every match. what do you guys think?

Z_-_D_-_31568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

They can even use a skill tree for the mechs to rank them up. I guarantee you guys the sequel to this game is going to be soooo much bigger.

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Farmassy1569d ago

You really don't need more than 3. Like others have said you have heavy, medium, and light.

You can customize the types of guns and accessories for your titans so you take one of the three and add what you want. I am not sure what other titan bases you would want

TeaRunner1569d ago

They already said there will be no microtransactions in the game.

TGF_Zero1568d ago

I don't think they said that

ramiuk11568d ago

they said there would be no microtransactions,but prob come with DLC.
i wish games ahd the customisation that rainbow six vegas had,
really need a next gen tom clancy game like vegas

andrewsqual1568d ago

I guess they saw the PS4 vs Xbox One Tomb Raider sales. Uh oh spaghetti ohs.

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johny51569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

No mech game has ever exploded with Call Of Duty numbers!

Not even Hawken and that's an MMO!

Abriael1569d ago

Not having call of duty numbers doesn't mean faling. Mechwarrior Online is quite the success, and doesn't have call of duty numbers.

johny51569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

Those are made by smaller studios and those publishers know what there getting into but when it comes to EA and Microsoft they tend to expect huge numbers from games they invest heavily in

Medal of Honor, Mirrors Edge, Kameo, Perfect Dark, Banjo-Kazooie, Conker's Other Bad Day, Project Gotham....

It took huge gamer petitions and social media support to get EA to even think about making a Mirrors Edge Sequel and for all we know they can cancel it at any time!

"I personally hope they go all the way with it!"

I love mech games but history has a way of repeating itself...

georgeenoob1569d ago

But if it succeeds, expect the entire series to be MS exclusive. Whatever MS wants, they get.

MRMagoo1231568d ago

I am pretty sure they only mentioned 3 anyway, i cant imagine it will matter that much either way. They should just make them a lot harder to get and that way they dont get boring fast imo.


Except the sales huh ? cos they seem to really want them but alas , maybe they can put use to all the infinite money they have and buy their own systems back from retail to increase the number?

My point is money cant buy everything.

Aces171569d ago

With all the hype surrounding it I doubt it can fail in sales and I have played the Alpha and it was really good. So unless there is a server problem it shouldn't fail. Maybe not CoD numbers but not failure.

kingdip901569d ago

It depends how you measure success, I'm positive it will sell really high numbers just from hype but if it releases to terrible reviews and ends up a horrible game it will be a failure and no one will invest in a sequel.

BOLO1569d ago

"With all the hype surrounding it I doubt it can fail in sales"...Want to know what other game was "hyped"? Aliens: Colonial Marines. I sure hope that won't be the case with Titanfall.

pandehz1569d ago

Hawken is not an MMO.

Just to clarify

H0RSE1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

As stated above, Hawken is not an MMO... have you ever even played it, lol?

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Bolts-N-Rays11091569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

Just a little over 5 weeks to go! So excited to play this!!

EDIT: Love the disagrees because I'm excited to play Titanfall. Butthurt fanboys are the best. :)

QuickdrawMcgraw1569d ago

Bolts I take it when you say Butthurt fanboys you are talking about gamers who have not bought a MS console..If Titanfall turns out to be a must play game...Gamers don't need a Xbox console to play...That is what is really great about Titanfall...It is available to all..Here is hoping Titanfall is as great as Xbox fanboys claim it is... without having playing it...

Bathyj1569d ago

They only need to worry about getting the game up to scratch, I dont think they need to worry about the fans reception. Xbone owners are going to this game up, I'm sure its launch will be huge and itll probably end up being this gens Gears of War for MS.

NatureOfLogic1569d ago

I still think Destiny will be more successful. I also don't think this will be MS Gears of War because It's not as exclusive as Gears was.

chrisarsenalsavart1569d ago

Destiny to me sounds lot more promising than Titanfall.
Like I said u Don,t need s console to play titanfall anyway so

Kavorklestein1568d ago

I think destiny looks like a normally rendered/shaded borderlands in space, haven't really seen much that makes me want it. At all. I'll play it if it's good, and it will sell better than most 3rd party FPS this year will simply because it is Bungie's firs Multiplatform, not because it's necessarily good. But it could be good, I guess We'll see..