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Lara is back looking better than ever in Tomb Raider Definitive Edition bursting with all new improved visuals and bonus content, experience the adventure as you guide Lara through dangers as she tries to save the survivors and escape the island but does it rise above Xbox 360 version?

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imt5581480d ago

OMG! 14th review for Xbone. And score is lower vs. Metacritic score

Jazzuri1480d ago

Im just glad I accidently skipped this on my ps3 and xbox 360 as we feel its a fantastically superior game to one of our families many treasured series 'uncharted'....but running at a fully rendered 1080p on a 3m screen (projector) just goes to show how much resolution actually matters to those who can actually appreciate the difference.

So to Crystal Dynamics a big thankyou for releasing such a great game for us early adopters of this gen.

To those of you who dont want to spend up on a game you already own....dont, its the same game just prettier.

For those of you yet to play this go get it, what are you waiting for?

Its worth it regardless of the generation, platform, frame rate and/or occassional variable cinematic resolution, lol.

The xbox one version runs at a consistently beautiful 30fps in 1080p.

We love it.

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The_devils_chum1480d ago

Lol dammage control microsoft. Im not trying to hate....................that much but it needs to be said. The cut scenes in xb1's version are in 900p, just thought you should know.

BX811480d ago

I missed out on the 360 version but I can't see paying full price just because its on a next gen console