11 last-gen games you probably didn't know were some of the best

When looking back on a console generation, it's impossible to ignore franchises such as Halo, Uncharted, Mario, and Grand Theft Auto. As a result, gamers often overlook other games that may not have had as big a budget or the media attention of a standout favorite like BioShock Infinite. It's only fitting, then, that gamers take a bit of time to acknowledge a number of other stellar games that either were underrated and overlooked or just forgotten despite their greatness.

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Yi-Long1628d ago

I would add iloMilo as one of the best puzzle games ever.

Also, Trials Evo and Mark of the Ninja are spectacular.

Neoninja1628d ago

I agree with you and on top of that I would put on Zack and Wiki.

Reaon1627d ago

Can't go wrong with a flying monkey screaming "bukkake" every few seconds.

Moncole1627d ago

Why is Journey and Super Meat Boy one the list? These are popular games.

SlapHappyJesus1627d ago

I thought Wet was pretty bad, personally. *shrug*

grailly1627d ago

Most people did. The only times I still hear anything about that game nowadays, it's negative.

Volkama1627d ago

Is that actually good then? I seem to recall quite bad reviews, that included criticism of performance problems.

I ask because I see the PC version on sale from time to time, and I imagine the performance problems don't really apply so if the core game is good I may give it a go.

il-JumperMT1627d ago

Never had performance problem on PS3

LAWSON721627d ago

Resonance of Fate is on PC?

Volkama1627d ago

Nope, I have no idea what game I was thinking of :-)

lifesanrpg1627d ago

If you don't know Journey is one of the best last-gen games, you have been living under a rock.

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