What To Expect From The Big Gaming Conferences in 2014

TQ author writes: 2014 will be a big year for gaming. With the next generation XBOX One and PS4 newly on the market, new releases are going to be flashier than ever and garner a lot of attention from the media. With every game that’s released, we’re going to be seeing an increase in the level of technology due to the higher capabilities of the next gen systems. It’s also going to be a big year for PC gamers. Let’s take a closer look at what’s in store for 2014.

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Chupa-Chupa1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

Uncharted 4? Gears of War 4? Halo 5 gameplay footage.

OlgerO1625d ago

Uncharted 4 and halo 5 are likely but they didnt start development of gears of war until last week so that will take some time

KangarooSam1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

I'm gonna take the risk since no one else has and assume game announcements, gameplay, trailers, etc.

All sarcasm aside the thing I honestly want most, and I feel strange saying this, is release dates. Other than Thief and Infamous: Second Son coming in the next few weeks I don't know when The Witcher 3, The Order 1886, Uncharted, Watch Dogs, Destiny, or many other games are coming out other than "2014", whichever quarter applies to said game, or 2015/TBA/etc. I would like to know so badly... Other than games that are predictable such as Assassin's Creed my wallet is not getting much of a warning, so far. Good thing I'm stocking up on PSN cards lol.

wonderfulmonkeyman1625d ago

The levels of technology present don't mean much when the techniques in development haven't changed much, so instead of looking at all the pretty sparkles that will fade into obscurity the moment people start getting used to seeing them, I, instead, am going to be looking for cases of fresh new ideas in gameplay, in the many different genres we'll see.

Remember, ladies and gents; even small changes can add a dose of fresh awesome-sauce to an experience that uses a lot of familiar old elements.
Don't let new names fool you into thinking a new IP is ALL new, either. You'll only be letting yourself down if you overhype a game with a new name in your head, only to find out you'll be doing much of the same stuff as always once you're a fair ways into it.

Learn to enjoy what works and don't bash a game for a bit of rehashed content.

Having said that...

I think we can all agree that Nintendo is the one that has the most to prove this year.
Lots of ground to make up in terms of their reputation and their home console sales, despite the overall incredible ratings that their games have received almost entirely across the board.
Their E3 will have to be a show-floor event this year, and it will HAVE to pull out some really big guns, or they'll flounder through the remainder of the year, with little hope left, and may even look into releasing a new system a year early[2016], unless they pull something HUGE out afterwards.[Like a Super Mario RPG sequel or pulling out something like more 1080 Snowboarding...]

All I'm really expecting from Sony and Microsoft is for them to improve upon their launch lineup and maybe do a few tweaks to their online offerings. Possibly offer more value deals for people who haven't bought the systems due to price tag yet.
And of course, they'll keep relying on third party as their main-stay force of selling power.

Phoenix761625d ago

What (I) Expect From The Big Gaming Conferences in 2014? Well that's easy, new IPs from devs. Not just re-hashes/re-makes or slightly upgraded visual games that cost me more to buy than they did over a year ago!
I've played tomb raider already! And the news that gta5 is coming to current gen is just awful for anyone who has already paid out and played gta5 before on last gen.
I personally feel that, that is how most of this gen will be played out! Scamming the gamers out of new games in favor of remakes of old.

Meltic1625d ago

Im waiting for any Watch dogs news. Haven't seen any news from the developers since november last year. I really hope those 6 months polish with the game have done something good to the game.

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