Loadout Launch Goes Into Matchmaking Hell

"The new free-to-play title from developers Edge of Reality recently launched on Steam. However instead of a smooth and successful release, the game has encountered a big problem. The game upon launch has been criticised for having poor matchmaking queue times. We aren’t talking a few minutes more than normal, we are talking anything from fifteen minutes to hours."

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IanVanCheese1540d ago

Shame, looks like fun. Will wait until the issues die down and try it out.

FragMnTagM1540d ago

Hmm, I didn't have any long queue times last night. Played it for at least four hours and it only took me a minute to five minutes between matches. Nothing out of the ordinary.

amywelshcastle1540d ago

Long queues are lame, good to hear they're working on it though.

kyon1471540d ago

The game is really fun but the match making is bad least they are fixing it!

Riderz13371540d ago

Steam says I've been playing for 67 minutes...

It's been 67 minutes of waiting in matchmaking. The game is really testing my patience. I want to play it but can't get in a game.

ElasticLove1540d ago

Since the F2P version launch, I've played at least six - eight matches and each one of them was fun as hell. Hopefully they have this fixed in the next few days, because the game is quite entertaining.

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