Titanfall Event is on the way

Here doing some event set-up for Titanfall. That can only mean some new stuff is on the way...

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alejandroelputo1630d ago

Should I get an xbox 360 for this game?

RadioActiveTwinky1629d ago

I would say wait. Once the reviews or should I say user reviews are out then jump on the 360. If they are bad then go for PC or xbox one.

afterMoth1629d ago

Yes! Is it 720p on the 360 and Xbox One or is the 360 version lower than 720p?

Cloudyday711629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )


The reason i say that is that I've read the 360 version is 720p. So whilst I haven't read what the XBone resolution is logically it's going to be the higher 1080p, because it is an 8 years younger next-gen console. Hopefully 60fps as well and it will look silky.

thrust1629d ago

Link to that being confirmed please?

RadioActiveTwinky1629d ago

Resolutions have not been confirmed for either version of the game.

They have been a lot of talk between insiders saying that the x360 version is looking better then thought it be. Also a lot of them saying that 720p resolution for xbox one.

Again resolutions have not been confirmed at all, but ask yourself this.
With all the "resolution-gates", you would think that if the game was 1080p and 60fps the xbox marketing and Respawn/EA would be shouting this like crazy.

s8anicslayer1629d ago

@Cloudy - if it were that easy or possible, don't you think more games on X1 would be 1080/60fps? At least a game like Ghosts? I think the answer to this "Resolutiongate" issue is not that the X1 cant reach it, it's just that at 1080p/60fps just makes the game unplayable just like we see with low end graphics cards.

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thrust1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

No Xbox one or pc, the 360 version made by diff people

It's fact it is! Your disagreeing to a fact!

Slevon1629d ago

If you're excited for the game, I would wait for the reviews and see if it's worth it to you. I know people who bought a ps3 for the last of us so if you dont have a powerful enough pc, a 360 may be the best option for you

Mr Pumblechook1629d ago

I won't buy an Xbone for this, but if it's good I might get it on 360.

Franchises like Battlefield, Call of Duty and Halo all have single player campaigns. I don't care how 'brilliant' Titanfall's multiplayer is I think it is a rip off missing a single player when similar cost games have one. The thing is the game world looks interesting and I'd like to explore it alone.

mhunterjr1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

Not all games are created equally. Battlefield 4 single player campaign is worth $0. In fact, ea should pay anyone who suffers through it...

Really the game would have been better if they focused all of their attention on multiplayer.

Some games, like halo, do sp and mp well...

then there are games that really should never have added competitive mp (bioshock,tomb raider, condemned, the darkness, metroid, dead space, army of 2, resident evil etc). In those cases, it took attention from the core of the game, and as a result felt tacked on.

The same thing goes for games with a purely multiplayer core. Why tack on an extra sp mode, just for the sake of having it? Especially when it will consume half of your development resources, and 75% of your fan base will completely ignore it. Focus your resources...Just give me a mp experience good enough and full of enough content to justify the $60.

HaveAsandwich1629d ago

im probably buying it for my 360. gotta see how it plays first though. i can't imagine its going to be lower than 720p on the 360.....

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