Game of the Year Top 10 Countdown

All the AMHNetwork game of the Year awards are done and they've now assembled their Top 10 Games of the Year.
Agree with their list?

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xJumpManx1353d ago

GTA 5 hands down GOTY. Nothing is even close. I finished GTA 5 on one console bought it for the other and am having a blast all over again. I will buy it for PC and prolly both next gen consoles. Its just a riot to play. Best Game ever IMO. Zelda was a great game too.

I_am_Batman1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

Why would you buy one game on 5 different platforms? I get that you are a fan of the game but I still don't see why you would do that honestly.

I completely disagree that nothing comes close though. There were so many great games in 2013.

xJumpManx1352d ago

Achievments on 360, Trophys on ps3 and the PC version will be the best version with the mods. I will also want to play it on the nex gen systems.

1353d ago
NeoTribe1353d ago

You obviously have not played last of us.

xJumpManx1352d ago

Nope I did beat it and was happy it was over. It was good enough to beat once but I would not ever want to play it again.