PlayStation 4 On Track To Become Best Selling Game Console Of All Time

Do you hear about PlayStation 4? Even those who don’t play video games know the name. It is probably going to be the fastest and eventually highest selling video games system of all time. So far it is on track to achieve it very quickly too.

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mmc-0071626d ago

the picture made me lol.

GamersHeaven1626d ago

It sure seems like it Sony is on a roll with the PS4.It will on get better once there first party studios start pumping out one AAA exclusive after another.

joab7771626d ago

Yeah...they only need to sell 120 million more lol!

GameSpawn1626d ago

Keep in mind they are the only ones to sell over 100M home consoles...TWICE.

Microsoft and Nintendo now have their turns to be humble like Sony did throughout the PS3 gen.

chrissx1626d ago

The pic demonstrates the dominance Ps4 is having this gen

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