Confused vision: Wii U Virtual Console needs to deliver

"By now you’ve probably caught wind of the news emanating out of Nintendo’s investor meeting earlier this week that the Wii U Virtual Console would become home to digital re-releases of Nintendo DS titles.

If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering why there was no indication of this for the 3DS. After all, wouldn’t DS games be a better fit for the 3DS’ Virtual Console?

The Wii U, which recently suffered a major reduction in Nintendo’s annual sales forecast from 9 million to 2.8 million, sadly doesn’t enjoy the kind of following its handheld cousin has.

As convenient as it would be to carry DS games on an SD card, putting DS games on the Wii U feels like just another example of Nintendo trying to add another selling point to their embattled console." - Patrick Kulikowski

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bobsmith1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

being able to play ds games on tv screen is gona be awesome
makes perfect use of gamepad it wasnt really possible before on older nintendo consoles cause of dual and touch screen
they need to add mario kart ds before 8 comes out

Metallox1629d ago

I'm dying for GameCube games. I want to play Paper Mario 2 again.

thezeldadoth1629d ago

someone disagrees that you want to play paper mario 2 again

lekain1629d ago

Someone disagrees with your statement that someone disagrees that Metallox wants to play paper mario 2 again

thezeldadoth1629d ago

^ yeah this site is sad now

KevinCubes1629d ago

I heard the WiiU is 6x times more powerful than the GameBoyAdvance

stragomccloud1629d ago

Seriously, they need to step up the releases. This tricking method is just hurting them!

FlyingFoxy1629d ago

Well the good news is they can up the resolution making the games look quite sharp, but would look awful if they use the standard DS resolution blown up.

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