Natsume to Bring More Game Boy Color Games To Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console

Natsume recently revealed during a questions and answers session via its Facebook page that they would be bringing more of its Game Boy Color games to the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console.

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SirNintend01602d ago

Nice. GBC was a super underrated system.

Vegamyster1602d ago

The Color series sold 31+ million, not what i'd call underrated :p

SirNintend01602d ago

Yeah but besides the classic games, not much of the catalog is remembered. Like look at Metal Gear Solid on GBC. Amazing game.

LAWSON721602d ago

I want to know why people think popularity/sales relates to how well a game is rated, when something is not popular it is overlooked (just like games that are hidden gems). It is annoying when I see games that have 80+ review scores that are well deserved get called underrated. How are they underrated when they have critical acclaim and high scores?

The GBC was awesome anyways

MoveTheGlow1601d ago

Let's say they're very "not talked about." That kind of rating, not the 9/10 rating stuff. I mean, I listen to friggin' Retronauts every time they release a podcast, and *they* hardly touch the color-era GB titles. It was a weird time, and it should be explored a bit more!