There are better options than Gamestop

There is nothing wrong with Best Buy or Gamestop. Or for that matter any of the other brick and mortar stores that handle trade-ins of video games such as Walmart, Target, etc. The biggest issue is the amount of credit gamers get for their $60, 1-2 month old game they just bought. It could be $30 or less easily. There are other options. The recent demise of Goozex and VGFive has left some gamers looking for new places to trade games. With the demise of Goozex, The Gamer’s Lounge has a few suggestions money conscious gamers should investigate such as 99Gamers and LeapTrade.

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maniacmayhem1484d ago

LOL, I laughed at that pic. I have felt like that many, many times when I went to Gamestop and traded in my games. Which is why I use Gamefly and just rent and if the game is really good I buy it from them at a USED price.

Gamefly is a serious win for all gamers and I preach the gospel of Gamefly to anyone and everyone who is a true gamer.

It is especially useful if you are a multi-console owner like myself.

parentsbasement1484d ago

Been with them since the beginning , nary a problem here....

gedapeleda1484d ago

Been in the bays for the last decade.
Saved so much cash it's unbelievable, although I did buy games I loved

3-4-51484d ago

I've made a few mistake trades that I wish I could take back, but to be honest, I love Gamestop.

They are the only store I can walk into and pick up a physical copy of a niche or rare game.

If I want it today I walk in and get it I don't have to wait a week for it to be delivered.

You need to watch out for the deals though.

TheDivine1484d ago

Yea I feel the same. Made some dumb mistakes selling some games back in the day, games that now cost an arm and a leg. I still love Gamestop though. I can go in browse old games I missed at a fair price, I can buy niche games, limited editions without worrying about being damaged in the mail, and the workers are awesome.

I've had them track down rare games in a case for me, offer to let me in gaming circles, trade streetpass data for games, and all kinds of cool stuff. Some let you get free swag like posters and displays. They're gamers like us. Sure some are just employees who don't know or care but from my experience every store has that cool ass guy that you wind up chatting with for an hour and leave as friends.

I also love small local gaming businesses. They tend to have better classics and old gen stuff.

Crazyglues1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

Yeah I love the picture on this story... priceless... LMAO..

-Made me laugh so hard-

||.........___||............ ||

mhunterjr1484d ago

I can't fault these trade-in shops, they are essentially pawn shops, and they've got to make money.

That said, I never trade my games in with them. I just go on craigslist or ebay, get much more value out of my lightly used game.

joab7771484d ago

I agree and as things change it becomes harder and harder to make money. But it is a great place to get rid of things u dont want anymore. And their benefits have gotten much better.

OutcastMosquito1484d ago

They can still make money and not rip you off hardcore. They're just greedy bastards.

mhunterjr1483d ago

Perhaps, but the resale business is their main source of income. Target and Wal-Mart, believe it or not, are the go to locations for new games...

Omar911484d ago

Yea I never go to gamestop anymore to sell game

Although what if your in a situation where you have a game you want to sell (tale of xilia) and tried to sell it on craigslist and no one around your area wants it? I guess I can do ebay but I usually buy things from ebay not sell. I feel like at this point I should just give it to gamestop and get how many quarters or dimes the trade in value is.

kreate1484d ago

Cag, goozex, vgfive.
I will buy Ur tales of xilia.

Meltic1484d ago

yeah ive found a very good Swedish site. Infamous second son son for 40$ and MGS for 30$

admiralvic1484d ago

"There are better options than Gamestop"

In all honesty, GameStop isn't that bad, it's just very situational. Same goes for BB and a lot of other places.

To give you an idea, a few months back I got Deadliest Warrior for free at Best Buy. It was free because the MSRP dropped the game to $19.99 and they had a GCU coupon for $20 off DW, so that dropped the game to free. However, the system voided it, so I think the guy charged me a penny and just took one off the register and called it a day.

Anyway, that traded into BB for something like 32 cents. GameStop wasn't aware of this deal and was still offering $10 for it. I just zipped over there and got $10 dollars for a game that I probably couldn't give to any "real" gamer. This is true for a lot of things.

Depending on the game, you can certainly make more money trading something into a place like BB or GS than selling it on a site. They're a lot better for games no one wants, but still hold value (things like Deadliest Warrior), but again, this all requires getting out at the right time. Values also drop based off S&D, which is why some popular new games trade in for nothing. These places have too much stock and can't afford to pay you XYZ when they have ABC.

kreate1484d ago

U drove to best buy, than drove to Gamestop, than drove home for $10?

admiralvic1484d ago

"U drove to best buy, than drove to Gamestop, than drove home for $10?"

-rolls eyes-

The place I work is like .3 miles from a BB, which is like .1 miles from 2 GameStops (1 across the street and 1 in the mall across another street). This detour took maybe 10 minutes total and some pointless amount of gas.

kreate1484d ago

well sorry about making ur eyes roll.
just askin. and congrats for a good deal.

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