Gears of War Xbox ONE Possibilities – GoW 4 or Something Else?

Tristan of RGN writes, "Something that many Gears fans might not know is that in all actuality, the humans in the Gears Of War franchise are considered to be “the bad guys” by the majority of beings found in the game. This is shown after they’ve destroyed everything, at the end of Gears 3, and the Locust Queen basically calls all of mankind ‘villains’ while providing some supportive reasons as to why. Personally, I don’t think Marcus and the crew are exactly “bad”, but the majority of the human race? Yes, for sure."

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xxShadow-Shockxx1447d ago

Gears of war 4, project spark, and quantum break are the only games that look good, step it up Microsoft I didn't buy an xbox one because I felt like I needed to get rid of some money, my playstations got a lot coming out that interests me now show me why I should keep my xbox!!!!

trywizardo1447d ago

halo 4 titanfall forza horizon 2 (witch i like more than forza)

xxShadow-Shockxx1447d ago

I have never liked halo, I think you mean halo 5 right? I'm gonna wait to see more from titanfall first, an I'm not a racer fan, I'm only getting Driveclub because it's free with Playstation plus, I'm hoping for demos though of those games though.

TheKayle11447d ago

but im sure u bought a ps4 for knack and a 5 lvl resogun...

gears,halo,project spark,quantum break,forza horizon,fable legends,sunset overdrive...

xxShadow-Shockxx1447d ago

I bought my ps4 for killzone, knack, infamous, uncharted 4, last of us 2, littlebigplanet 3, Driveclub, deep down, outlast, planetside 2, daylight, the order 1886, and all the other games yet to be announced, I bought an xbox one 2 days ago because I wanted to have both and for project spark, gears, and quantum break everything else looks ok at best or just overrated. My ps4 continues to be my main console because Sony has supplied the better console and the better value and they will continue to supply the best exclusives out there. But why does everything have to be fanboy this fanboy that, let's all have fun with what we think is best, were all gamers here.

chobit_A5HL3Y1447d ago


"gears,halo,project spark,quantum break,forza horizon,fable legends,sunset overdrive... "

don't even bother listing ms exclusives lolz everyone KNOWS sony has quality AND quantity over ms any day of the week lolz

TheKayle11447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

anthonyf123 ur post was a stealth troll...on 3 games u called is totally unknow screenshot no gameplay nothing no 1 info..on it...(gears) so is really hard to take ur comment as a serious one

u forget half of the exclusives and also the most hyped game of 2014 ...titanfall..that is only playable on one console....

hiding behind the personal taste ..make the troll too easy (and the journalism irrilevant)..i could say..oh ok the last of us not interested in it coz..i dont like those type of games........and u kno wwhat? i would look so stupid...

the last of us is a lots of others games...yea also xbox


i bought both console last gen...and i played pretty much every ps exclusive ..less ..the last of us (and games that came out in that period) coz i sold the ps3 before it came out...

sony exclusives are greats...but i could tell the same for ms exclusives...

what i find hilarious is that ms exclusives total honesty one ..also the AAA like god of war...or killzone...dosnt...the only one who sell decently good are uncharted...and gran turismo...

i mean gow ascension sold..
god of war ascension
= Global 1.70m

the first kinect sport (i toke this game coz i think there an enourmous difference in quality in favour of gow compared to kinect sport)
= Global 5.78m

and if someone would say.."oh that was a bundle"
kinect sport season 2
= Global 2.17m

uncharted that is the best franchise of the ps brand along with gran turismo..well you know what having pretty much the same numbers of hardware out there...uncharted sell like the half of halo

for this reason i always thinked theres something wrong with ps fanbase.....they like more to talk loud on forum or biased sites.. than play games..

or maybe the only this could be ...they just pirated the 50% of the ps3... (and we all know the truth is this one ;) )

creatchee1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

I'd like to see the Pendulum Wars at least touched on, but that wouldn't make for a variety of enemies. Plus I NEEEEEEED COG vs Locust back in multiplayer.