Why Aren't there More Video Game Commercials During the Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl may be the biggest night in advertising, but, somehow, video game producers aren't jumping on the bandwagon.

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DanielGearSolid1482d ago

With the MS / NFL partnership, I have a feeling we'll be seeing alot of X1 promotion this Super Bowl

Crazyglues1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

It would be a huge waste of money, for one, do you know how much Superbowl commercials cost... -and two, when was the last time you bought a game because of a commercial -Gamers buy games more because of reviews, not commercials-

take that money and put it into making the game... If you want really good sales, Make a really good game.. What you Don't do is waste 2m making a commercial for your game.

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DanielGearSolid1482d ago

Im not saying its the greatest Idea, but if there's one thing MS is known for its marketing blitzes

admiralvic1482d ago

There are three big reasons why we don't.

1) Very few games can afford a Super Bowl commercial and the ones that can don't need need a Super Bowl commercial. I mean, do you think a SB ad will help CoD or GTA sell more?
2) The main football demographic isn't going to be hyped by seeing a game commercial. Games that would make sense, like Madden, most people are already aware of and hold a functional monopoly.
3) If the first two problems aren't a problem for you, then you need to make the ad interesting. Here you have the classic catch 22 that Sony has a problem with. That is, a lot of PlayStation ads are good, but bad at selling people on the actual game. Some people might disagree, but a little more gameplay and a lot less live action would be good in my book.

"-and two, when was the last time you bought a game because of a commercial -Gamers buy games more because of reviews, not commercials-"

Gamers typically sell via word of mouth, trailers, pricing (a quick deal will get people to pounce on it) and demo/betas. I would wager that reviews are among the least important things and has little to no impact on sales. This is why we typically have critically successful games (Anything Platinum Games made, Persona, Yakuza, Rayman Origins / Legends, etc), but regardless sales are low. The opposite is also true. The game can be critically unsuccessful and still turn a profit.

SilentNegotiator1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

Superbowl commercials cost $4 million to air.
Most games have less than $25 million budgets.
A superbowl commercial would cost more than 15% of a game's budget...for ONE commercial.

Some people might not think a single commercial aimed at sports fans would be a wise use of 15(+)% of their budget.

FITgamer1481d ago

Surprisingly not a single Xbox One commercial.

avengers19781481d ago

Well there weren't any... Super Bowl ad time is ridiculously expensive, not saying these companies can't afford it, but ad time is $$$$$$$

ErryK1482d ago

They don't bother gamers with sports adverts so we don't bother them with game adverts.

ExCest1482d ago

I don't know. Those commercial spots are hella expensive. That could be a reason.

Agent_00_Revan1482d ago

Because all I've heard from developers for the past few years is:

*Making games is expensive.
*We don't make enough money.
*Game (X) didn't meet sales expectations
*Used games kill or profits and we can't afford to eat.

Ok, maybe I exaggerated the last one a tiny bit. But the point is, after all their complaining, I don't see them spending another $2-4 million for a 30 sec spot.

Sevir1482d ago

I think it's pointless, it's your game isn't even guaranteed to break even given how the industry is right now, so sinking 2-5 million dollars to air a 15-30 sec teaser commercial is practically bleeding money from the already high and expensive budget of AAA games... If you were making movies or promoting a Console launch then this is a great venue, I could see both MS and Sony using the Superbowl to generate media buzz for the XBO and PS4... But not on a game, that's just crazy!

The gamer in me would love that, but it's silly. Take that 2-5 million and invest it in innovating games, ie, hiring world class writers, genius graphic designers and engineers who will push the envelope in game design at your top game studios like Rockstar, ND, Bethesda etc. I'd never waste money on the Superbowl promotion when AAA budget games often tank or break even. Even if they are solid!

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