Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition Unboxing Trailer Shows Off The Exclusive Extras

Pre-ordered the Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition but have no idea how to open it? Worry no more! ZeniMax has released an unboxing video to show you how to get inside the limited run package.

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batbatz1627d ago

why buy a special edition?, its horribly boring game,

Anthotis1627d ago

They could give you a real life pre-reboot Lara Croft, it still wouldn't make this game appealing.

GenericNameHere1627d ago

That figure looks so horrible... Not as bad as the face melting Bravely Default EU CE statue of Agnes, but still bad

GentlemenRUs1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

Still laughing at the HORSE DLC.

Now that was and still is the funniest waste of time as a DLC :P

TheTrooper1627d ago

I've been laughing since 2006 when they came out with the horse armor pack for Oblivion.

gamer20131627d ago

Yeah I bought that! lol

xPhearR3dx1627d ago

I laughed at first, then I realized this an MMO with the entire map of Tamriel. That mount will come in handy lol

EvilCackle1627d ago

I don't think all of Tamriel is available at launch (gotta leave something for expansions). But yeah, should be a large world.

xPhearR3dx1627d ago


I'm fairly certain it is. It was one of their biggest selling points. Plug the map you get with the CE has all of Tamriel. From what I seen just in the beta, most of it was there.

Of course, there's always more areas they could explore. I mean, Dawnguard had Soul Cairn. Either way, I'm super excited for the end of March. Already got my CE on pre-order :)

KrisButtar1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

Can't believe they only let you play as an Imperial if you buy the CE. Talk about a money grab pay wall on a subscription game.


I thought the benefit of a subscription based game was all content was unlocked and there was no pay wall. Its not some vanity gear or anything, its a whole race that subscribers will not have access to.

Summons751627d ago

there's gotta be some reason behind it, like trying to force people to play out of their comfort zone because everyone I know who played Elder Scrolls for the first time in Oblivion or Skyrim always went with Imperial because they are the 'normal' race in the game.

Either way it's still pretty weird don't particularly mind since I go Argonian first.

KrisButtar1627d ago

I think they are offering these bonuses which should be in the game from the start as a quick cash grab before they go F2P.

With pre orders in MMOs, I noticed that the stuff offered is usually just cosmetic mounts, vanity gear and pet. Yet having the Imperial race as a bonus which has unique racial passives and abilities along with unique crafting. Over powered or not that kinda thing should not behind another pay wall after paying a subscription.

xPhearR3dx1627d ago

Playing as an Imperial wasn't even suppose to be in the game to begin with. From a story aspect within the game, it doesn't make sense. They even said from the beginning no Imperial Race. So for them to add it to the Collectors Edition it's a nice touch for hardcore fans.

They already answered in an AMA that playing as an Imperial wont offer any unfair advantages over players who choose not to purchase the Collectors Edition. It's mostly a cosmetic thing.

Plus the game features 3 factions fighting a war to gain control of the Empire. 3 Factions, 9 races. 3 for 3. Adding in a fourth race for all players would offset the balance of the game.

KrisButtar1627d ago

"Plus the game features 3 factions fighting a war to gain control of the Empire. 3 Factions, 9 races. 3 for 3. Adding in a fourth race for all players would offset the balance of the game."

It makes sense since every Imperial is not under control and they have no homeland and that why they can join any faction which still gives the 3 on 3. I see it fitting into the story nicely.

Also the pre-order bonus, play any race on any alliance should be a normal choice in the game. We should be able to be a traitor to our people if we choose. Following the history of the games, they are always about choice. It would still be 3 on 3 just more mixed and why not? its not like every German agreed with Hitler and was on his side.

I'm not saying to get rid of the 3 on 3 but removing those choices, and only making them available for CE and pre-orders is low.

xPhearR3dx1627d ago


While you do bring up a good point about playing as any race in any alliance, you also have to remember this is an MMO. It has to be balanced a lot differently than a single player game. There's a reason why most MMO's (Like WoW) for example, have different races within different alliances.

It's a lot easier to balance a single player game since there's no PVP aspect. But when each races and alliance has their own abilities, they have the balance the game accordingly. Locking races behind an alliance/faction etc is nothing new in the MMO world.

Also, if you're interested in why Imperials wouldn't fit well into the story, you should Google some info. I currently don't have the time to fetch the links I read a while back, but they do a better job explaining it than I.

KrisButtar1627d ago


"Also, if you're interested in why Imperials wouldn't fit well into the story"

The Imperials have been around since the Merethic Era, yes I know the Imperials were just going to be NPCs being controlled by D. Prince @ the start when they announced the game. What they said is you can now play as one that broke free from control. Didn't really change the story and since they have no homeland Cyrodiil, they can play any alliance, even fits into the story quite well IMO. Even if everyone can play as one, not everyone will pick one and still fits the story.

I've never played WoW so its a bad example but I agree balance is key.

Does each Alliance give the player a unique skill line of tree? Nothing else speaks out at me about what could un-balance this game. Classes, along with everything else is not racial locked, so that would all be balanced already. The only thing unique to each faction is the unique racial abilities that the races have. I can not see any of them unbalancing the game. As for too many picking one faction over another, well that may happen anyways.

They already seem to have covered everything, which is why I think being able to choose a side will work. If I'm missing something I don't see it.

xPhearR3dx1627d ago


What I meant by not fitting well into the story, was not that they haven't been around or newly introduced to the lore. I meant it as, the story their trying to tell would seem a little out of place if the imperials were involved as a playable character.

Obviously, being a collectors edition, those people who choose to purchase it should get some kind of unique item, character, class, skin, w.e to show off in game. In this example, the collectors edition isn't a significant amount of money unless you want the physical copy. So it's not like "Oh hey this asshat paid an extra 100-150 to get something everyone should have".

There's actually a lot within the game in terms of powers, abilities, alliances etc they haven't covered with the media. Being in the beta, I can tell you there's a lot of information that many people don't know. With the NDA though, I can't really speak on it much.

I'm going to honestly say that the whole Imperial stuff isn't going to give those people an advantage over those who choose not to purchase it. I believe it will be mostly cosmetic. Plus, if you (or anyone else) is a big enough Elder Scrolls fan to know and care enough about the Imperials, you probably planned on getting the CE before it was even announced.

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gamer20131627d ago

I'm reading a lot of bad things about this game from people who are beta testing which is really killing my desire for this game.

Summons751627d ago

I'm hearing mixed. Here on N4G it's all hate but everywhere else I either hear it's really good or people complain because ES is traditionally offline so they don't like it for that reason.

I think it's going to come down to ES fans will love it because a lot of them wanted a completely 3D open world Tamriel and everyone else it will be an acquired taste. It's set up to play exactly like TES because with cooldowns on spells for balance with no requirements on the multiplayer so I really don't see why people here are complaining so much.