NES Remix was awesome. Remix 64 would be even greater

Nintendo Enthusiast's Daniel Switzer: "In lieu of the recently released NES Remix on the Wii U eShop, I’ve decided to skip the inevitable discussion of an SNES Remix and go straight to Nintendo 64 Remix — or Remix 64, as it should be known."

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link2Dpast1476d ago

I would defenitly get that but what games would they use???? And how????

Venox20081476d ago

..or snes remix and maybe gba remix

DC7771476d ago

How bout Wii U remix?

RosweeSon1476d ago

Yeah maybe start with a Snes Remix before an N64 one ;)

DarkZane1476d ago

I'd rather have actual N64 games on VC first.

I wouldn't mind Harvest Moon 64, it was my favorite n64 game.