Five tips to be the perfect boyfriend (as taught by Japanese dating simulators)

RN24 writes: "Among Japan’s bigger pop cultural head scratchers is the dating simulation. Whereas people around the globe can agree on the entertainment potential of video games that let you drive high performance cars (Gran Turismo), shoot people (Call of Duty) or some combination of the two (Grand Theft Auto), having a digital dating partner remains primarily a feature of the Japanese gaming landscape.

And while it’s tempting to write the genre off as appealing to only the sweatiest and smelliest of nerdy males, dating simulators have a whole sub-genre known as otome (maiden) games that let female players pick from among a stable of hunky love interests.

The creative team at Cybird, developers of the popular Ikemen series of dating simulators, recently shared the five characteristics of an ideal virtual beau."

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ninjahunter1507d ago

If persona 4 has taught me anything, eat science projects you find in fridges.

Nabbic1507d ago

So I need to be verbally and emotionally abusive, dedicate more time to pursuing a career than spending it with her, and be jealous with her actions and choices unless it revolves around me?
Wow, thanks N4G!

Lucreto1507d ago

If this is what Japanese women want no wonder they have a low birth rate. They want the men to be career minded which usually means they are never home.

Anthotis1507d ago

#1. Be white and American

SilentNegotiator1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

Whatchu talkin' 'bout, Anthotis?

These games are infinitely more popular in Japan than anywhere in the west.

kewlkat0071507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

Isn't Japan having problems with mating and monogamous relationships amongst the young generation?

Oh yeah best place for tips..

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