Where Nintendo Succeeds Where Neither Microsoft Nor Sony Have

Alex from Twinfinite writes:

I reflect on the past couple weeks of my life and rediscover why Nintendo is so enjoyable. Come join me.

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GenericNameHere1504d ago

Nintendo games do have great soundtracks. The main Pokémons especially.

I'm in the minority when it comes to Nintendo. I just don't see the "Nintendo Magic" in anything other than Pokémon. Mario and Zelda does nothing for me.

adorie1504d ago

I don't think the music in the recent Mario games can hold a candle to Super Mario 64 and below. The music in New Super Mario Bros. 2 for 3DS is example of music that is forgettable.

For me, Super Mario Bros 3 has the best soundtrack of the Mario games.

PS3and4_HAS_GAMES1504d ago

The one thing they succeed in is milking the $**t out of games.

PS3and4_HAS_GAMES1504d ago

yes they do but nintendo is the king of milking. At least sony takes chances with new IPs every year

PSNintyGamer1504d ago

So new automatically equals good?

Chrischi19881504d ago


As your name pretty much tells us, is that you just want to troll and bash the Wii U.

As I might recall, some of the most successful of last gen, were Nintendo titles, like Wii Sports and Wii Fit. Nintendo takes a lot of chances, this is why they are in the mess right now.

Every console manufacturer first releases the known titles, to sell a console. You bring out, what surely will be successful, to push the console at the beginning and after that, you can bring new IPs. When did this so called new IPs from Sony come to PS3? At the beginning or at the end of its lifecycle?

And then again, you can say, that Nintendo uses their mascots in many games, but it is just not true, to act like, they are all the same, they differ big time, like a Mario Kart is the same as a normal Mario game, or smash bros being the same... that is just not true and these kinds of games sell better, because they use well known characters. Sony wouldve had much more success with Mod Nation Racers, if they used known mascots, but they didnt, it was a great game, but talk about its success...

You dont have anything to back up your words, only fanboyish hater comments, without anything to prove it. Nintendo pretty much releases 1 game of its kind per console, meaning 1 every 5 years for a home console and 1 every 5 years for a handheld. Talk abut milking. Maybe you should stop trolling, because you are not very good at it.

REDBEARD1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Hey! I love milk. Especially from Nintendo. Thank god butter comes with it instead of s**t.

Nintendo has been around longer and they have the biggest and the most iconic mascots in gaming. They are not going to stop making Mario and Zelda games because people buy them and for good reasons. Each of their games offer different gameplay formulas and they have become true masterpieces.

Call it milking all you want but I honestly don't care if they keep making Mario games. They are, truly, amazing.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1504d ago

Characters yeah but franchise and formula nope

PS3and4_HAS_GAMES1504d ago mario a franchise? yes. do they milk mario? umm yes for the last 30 years now.

Chrischi19881504d ago

Somehow I believe you dont know what milking means. For 30 years? So they basically milked it with its first game, which would make every game ever released a milked game.

On Xbox 360 and PS3 we had like 9 Call of Duties, from 2-Ghost. In like 7 years. How many Assassins Creed games were released for PS3 and Xbox360? In what timeframe were they released? How many Mario games did we have during the Wii era? Galaxy and Galaxy 2, which is actually a lot for Nintendo, on one single console.

Oh, so you count Handheld games, too? How many CoD, AC, God of War and whatsoever games were released for PSP and Vita? Shouldnt that go in the equation, too, if you are counting handhelds?

You dont have your own opinion, you seem to just take over, whatever hatersh** you hear on the internet, have nothing to back it up, but repeat, what good trolls already said countless times and we told them countless times it is BS and a lot of people understand that, but you probably dont, because you are so mature with your 13 years of age.

Vegamyster1504d ago

Wonderful 101, X, Miyamoto is working on a new ip.

REDBEARD1504d ago

Xenoblade, The Wonderful 101, and The Last Story are some new IPs. Please don't be one of those people.

Venox20081503d ago

dont forget Pushmo (pullbox), sakura samurai, Steel diver and some others I cant remember :)

Venox20081503d ago

yeah riiight... 4-5 halo games in one generation, 4 uncharted games in one generation, lots of Call of duty, fifa, need for speeds, assasin creeds in one generation.. yeah, king of milking

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Nabbic1504d ago

Please don't say gameplay or fun...
Please don't say gameplay or fun...
Please don't say gameplay... AAARG.
Do you people not understand? "Fun" is SUBJECTIVE. I had fun playing Fable 2. I had fun playing Uncharted 2... And yes, more fun than I've had on Nintendo games.

Sure, I enjoyed Zack and Wiki. Sure, I enjoyed Chibi Robo. Sure, I enjoyed Rune Factory... But these are all third party games. And I've had equal amount of fun on third party games not appearing on Nintendo systems, like Resonance of Fate and The Last Remnant. But in terms of first party? And this is coming from someone who owns every Nintendo system (including the black and white gameboy) outside of the WiiU and 3DS, but I've had more fun on first party games on the PS3 and 360 than any Nintendo system.
Tearaway and Gravity Rush? I've had more fun on those than ANY Nintendo handheld. Hotel Dusk came close, but that's not even first party, it's second.
I prefer Modnation over Mario Kart.
I prefer LBP over Mario platformers. Does this mean my opinion is law and now Sony/MS games work because they're "just fun, okay?"? HELL NO.

I was in a mosh pit at a concert yesterday, getting pushed around harsh and pushing back... Did I have fun? Yes, I had a fucking blast.
Does that now mean that every other entertainment medium is not fun? Or not AS fun? Hell no, you'd have to be an idiot to think that.

So please, stop these Nintendo games are more "fun" arguments. Fun is not an argument, it is an experience. You need to give reason WHY you find it fun, then compare, then note that those are your own opinions.

REDBEARD1504d ago

Chibi Robo is a Nintendo franchise.

You still have to give Nintendo credit. They actually develop their games, and they make each game with gameplay as the main focus.

Off topic: Have you played Xenoblade? That game is incredible. You shouldn't miss out.

Chrischi19881504d ago

And that graphics is all that counts, to make a game better and so much more fun, as you all act like, is also just subjective, because we compare like 1080p to 720p, not even talking about the actual graphics settings. We do not compare 16bit games to nowadays, but if we read comments like yours, you all sure act like we do^^

ErryK1504d ago

You could say that about anything. X game's music makes me remember the game more! I want to play it now!

It's called nostalgia...