Violent Video Games Bring Out the Worst in Teenagers

A recent study found that violent video games can make teens more likely to perform unethical acts than those who play nonviolent video games.

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Pozzle1510d ago

This is great...and all I've done is enter my name! "Thrillhouse!"

NegativeCreep4271510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

I think Lee Carvelo should capitalize on this news and remarket his videogame.

Welcome to...Lee Carvelos Putting Challenge...

Would you like to play...again?...

You have selected...No.

LennyLovespuds1510d ago

How do we know the pre-existing aggression isn't the reason certain groups play violent video games, as opposed to the video games being at fault?

In my opinion, anonimity, a culture of online trash talking and bad sportsmanship brings out the worst in teenagers.

RyuHayabusa1510d ago

The study controlled for this via random assignment. I still disagree with the conclusions drawn by the author but still, have to be fair.

JonahNL1510d ago

Of course violent media brings out the "worst" in someone. I'm not going to go out and shoot people after watching a movie or playing a game, but I could perhaps feel pumped to do silly stuff I would otherwise not do. Now, if someone were to commit an act of crime after experiencing violent media, well, that person had a problem to begin with.

joab7771510d ago

I am gonna have to study this study. Its gotta b almost impossible to keep all other variables consistent. Do all the children playing the violent games come from the same area, financial background, parental guidance etc. This seems sketchy to me.

chazjamie1510d ago

So true. I killed so many people during my high school years. I am a professional hitman now. I kill for a living. Games taught me the rudimentary skills. anyway if you want someone dead. Message me.

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