Titanfall Dev Addresses Concerns of Weapons' Random Inaccuracy And Bullet Prediction Path

Titanfall's developer who goes by the user name scriptacus has revealed interesting information about the game.

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mr2331626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

Still a little unclear. Does this mean I will still get killed by some kid with a single shot from a shotgun from across the map while he is jumping in the air, like on COD? And chased around a corner and killed by a bullet when I'm no longer in line of sight?

FITgamer1626d ago

That's what it sounds like. It seems they are trying to make this game as casual friendly as possible.

iamnsuperman1626d ago

It sounds like they haven't figured out how to solve the issues that people dislike about COD games. His reasoning for it working on bigger maps isn't exactly a reason for why it doesn't work on smaller maps so your assumption that they are going for a more casual/easy going approach maybe correct

xxShadow-Shockxx1626d ago

The reason I feel this game will be overrated is because it's gonna be cod but with titans and parcore

wallis1626d ago

It would seem as though he's saying that titanfall will use bullet path prediction (like CoD) and a consequence of this is wanted style kills - exactly as you describe.

Personally I prefer games that model velocity, drop etc. He doesn't give an explicit reason why this won't work on smaller maps, just why it works on bigger maps.

porkChop1626d ago

I'd prefer to do away with prediction and make the bullets actual physical projectiles.

erathaol1626d ago

He sites contrary ping, that might be their reasoning for it on smaller maps.

Volkama1625d ago

No, 2 different things. You can have bullet velocity and drop like BF4 and still have path prediction. That's just a way to mask latency.

BF4 uses bullet path prediction, you can certainly get shot round corners on that.

Personally I much prefer the Quake method. Don't pretend there is no lag, just design around it with more stylised and varied weapons. 'Point and putput' machine guns are main concern I have about not enjoying Titanfall.

harrisk9541626d ago

Another day, another Respawn or EA damage control statement about Titanfall.

ambientFLIER1626d ago

yes, because a developer answering questions is ALWAYS damage control when the subject is MS games…okay

harrisk9541626d ago

It just seems like they are constantly "addressing concerns".

LogicStomper1626d ago

So all discussions are now classified as damage control? Well then there must be a tonne of damage control going on in the comment sections then huh?

TRD4L1fe1626d ago

Seriously? Do you just use the words "damage control" because its the cool thing to say. Some people just like to follow what other people do.

maniacmayhem1626d ago

"It just seems like they are constantly "addressing concerns"."

Because it's the focus of fanboy rage at the moment. So any and all bitterness and salt is being thrown on Respawn in hopes to get any tidbit of info that can be spun into negativity and then blown up by 100%.

And there is no damage control. This game is still considered one of the highest anticipated games this year.

Prototype_79L1626d ago

I like how "the power of the cloud" has faded away, i still don't know what that is, beside dedicated servers. I haven't heard it for a while now.

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N4GJD1626d ago

“It sounds like what you want is a return to the days of Quake, with no prediction at all. The Wanted bullets are what happens in any game that uses prediction. Without it, you have to lead your targets based on your current ping, even when using a hitscan weapon. While it sucks to get killed “around a corner” IMHO it’s better than the alternative. Personally, guessing how far ahead of my target to fire based on current network conditions isn’t a skill I have any desire to reacquire and it detracts from the game play experience for me,”

If they continue with the heavy implementation of prediction (also widely known as lag compensation, etc.) seen in Call of Duty (and other games) these days, Titanfall will be an instant failure. And don't believe for one second they'll patch it afterwards; it's intentional and caters to all the kids with shitty internet out there.

ambientFLIER1626d ago

What you're saying doesn't make sense. COD has this system and it's a Juggernaut of sales. So if Titanfall has it…why would it fail?

N4GJD1626d ago

Call of Duty continues to heavily invest in marketing and the brand recognition has become enormous with time. Titanfall simply won't have these advantages to nearly the same extent. It has been quite surprising to see just how many people continue to buy Call of Duty despite prediction having been cranked up with each new release. I could go on about this forever but don't even want to bother with the topic anymore. Too many people are blind to the problem or don't want to listen. I do wish Titanfall all the best though!

DeadIIIRed1626d ago

BF4 has a number of smaller indoor maps and they seem to work fine. Very frustrating to think you have made it across an open area under fire alive only to then die safely behind cover.

BX811626d ago

Getting killed around a corner? I thought those days were supposed to be over with this gen? I'll wait but after hearing this I'm glad I didn't pre order the collectors edition.

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