The Top 10 Super Bowls in Gaming

"Whether you’re in it to see who’s crowned champion or just want to see the different ways that corporations blow millions of dollars on 30-second spots, all eyes will soon be on the Super Bowl. It’s the culmination of months of build up, a process that just about anyone can appreciate." Velox, Stealthy Box

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StockpileTom1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

Alicia OP, Scouts OP... who needs tanks when you have scouts?

"It's my turn, okay?"
...yes, yes it is your turn... it is always your turn.

Also, that is Ocelot (brainwashed by himself into thinking he is Liquid Snake) in the picture of #7 not Liquid Snake

DavePSU1447d ago

Yeah, I screwed that up. I'll need to fix it in our article for sure. Thanks for the heads up.