Halo 2 Anniversary Available to Pre-order at XtraLife

Karam Elahi reports: "With the recent leak about Halo 2 Anniversary releasing this year, and not even an official announcement out about the game’s release, XtraLife, a Spanish online retail store, has recently put up a listing for the Xbox One version of Halo 2 Anniversary. Yup. You can go ahead and pre-order the game even before an official announcement has been made!"

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mos61421445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

literally any online shopping site can do that. it means nothing.

N4G seriously needs to ban spawnfirst as a source.

karamsoul1445d ago

Don't understand the hate here. XtraLife is allowing pre-orders for Halo 2 Anniversary. They've haven't just listed it, they're TAKING PRE-ORDERS for the game. We're just reporting on it. If you have issues with our reporting then don't click on the link.

mos61421445d ago

if i have issue with your reporting, i will complain about it here. This is the section i visit most, i would prefer not it be filled with your s***

alexkoepp1445d ago

I'm taking preorders on halo 2 anniversary too just send $5 cash or more my way, you won't be charged any more until the game releases

karamsoul1445d ago

@mos too late, since you pretty much impart the same everywhere on N4G, especially considering your bubbles.

Monster_Tard1445d ago

I'm hoping they end up doing Halo 3 in HD also.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1445d ago

Uh Halo 3 has been in HD for 7 years.

CBaoth1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

Technically, it isn't. 1152x640p is just below native 720p (HD) but I get whay you're saying.

While we really don't see a discernible difference upscaled to 720p from its native res, it would be glaring at native 1080p. I hope the entire original trilogy makes its way over to XB1 in fullHD.

GoPanthers9991445d ago

If you are not excited by this and are viewong this topic, you are obviously a Sony fanboy with a desire to play Halo. I say, come on over to MS, we still like you.

SIRHC131445d ago

How do people approve this garbage? Every day seems to have a new "leak". Yesterday was GTAV on PS4 and X1, now this?

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