Why all Gamer's should take part in Feb 3rd's #SaveShenmue

On February 3rd the Shenmue community will unite on twitter with the #SaveShenmue hashtag to send a message to video game console makers and publishers that gamers want to see Shenmue 3. Social media is a powerful tool and all gamers, not just fans should take part because campaigns like this are a way for gamers to get companies attention.

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lifeisgamesok1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

On Xbox One please :)

Shenmue was a true open world game for it's time you could do so much and the fighting system was great

christocolus1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

If enough gamers join the campaign, sega may just decide to release it across all platforms(Pc, xbx ,ps4 and wii u).

The franchise is huge. Shenmue 1 and 2 cost over $75mill to develop back then,developing a proper sequel on next gen consoles and pc should cost a lot more now and they will have to get the original team at sega am2 back including yu suzuki. It was a huge gamble then,but it didnt pay off as well as they had hoped.

If ever sega decides to develop a sequel im betting it will be released on all platforms.

DigitalRaptor1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

I very much doubt it's coming to Xbox One. Now, before you jump into any kind of insane defense mode, watch the video below in its entirety then tell me you think there is any other place for Shenmue's future (if it has one) than PS4.

Sega will not make Shenmue off their own backs. If they haven't done it already after over 10 years, they certainly aren't going to do it now, when development of something that could make it successful is even more expensive and risky.

What that means is that someone will have to fund it: Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo.

It has to be available on a platform that will be successful in every region: PS4.

Sega will not simply let Microsoft or Nintendo snatch up exclusivity for 2 reasons:

1) By giving it to Nintendo exclusively, given their history with putting an expensive exclusive on a console that isn't doing that great - they won't allow it to see the same fate on Wii U (even though that is a FANTASTIC platform for it. I can only imagine how awesome it would be with some kind of Touchscreen functionality).

2) Given Microsoft's history in Japan, and that fact that Shenmue is a very Japanese game, from a proud Japanese company, who's creator is Japanese AND the fact that people within Sega care deeply about Shenmue's heritage - Microsoft would have to do one HELL of a pitch for Sega to cut a deal with them. They have an awful lot to prove in that region.

So for now, PS4 is the only viable path to Shenmue's future - UNLESS Sega funds it and puts it on all platforms..... which they won't.

Majin-vegeta1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

If this game is ever to see a new one in the series.It's only possible on PS4.

@Mil nope watch the video i posted.

Milruka1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

Why not everything?

theWB271660d ago

His reason is because Xbox doesn't sale in Japan. I thought it would've been because Sony would throw more money at a Shenmue 3 for development (which I kinda think is true)...Japan sales is a weak argument.

Gunstar751660d ago

It was possible on why only possible on PS4, plus we know your aversion to QTE's which only exist because of Shenmue

DigitalRaptor1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

I seriously don't believe any of you watched the entirety of that video, if you come back with responses like that.

Adam produced more than just one reason why it's only viable on PS4, but I guess you fit that small minority that doesn't open up and understand the logic and reasons why, because as he put it, it comes down to: "no, that can't happen because it's not what I want".

Milruka1660d ago

The only reason is because "it won't sell in japan".

The funny part is, the PS4 isn't even released yet here in japan.

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DonFreezer1660d ago

Make the game to as many platforms as possible even on the PC.This was one of gamings true gems and should not be enjoyed by the owners of a sole console.

KevinCubes1660d ago

No WiiU needs some exclusives to have a selling point

from the beach1660d ago

There's a certain irony in this, coming in a week that's seen Wii U likened to DC.. if you support consoles in their day the games don't need saving 10 years later :(

DigitalRaptor1660d ago

True. Wii U could be a very cool platform for Shenmue.

However, for obvious reasons, it's not going to be a Wii U exclusive. I believe if Sega decides to green light a sequel or a remake/remaster, it's going to be exclusive to one of the next gen consoles: and it's going to be the one that will be successful in Japan.

Nabbic1660d ago

PC and Microsoft systems do not make sense for this game.
This game will be primarily targeted for Japan. PC and Microsoft systems are NOT popular options in Japan.

Please actually think with your head, people.

christocolus1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

I do not agree with you dude,

The 1st and 2nd games were localized for western gamers and the 1.5mill copies it sold through out its life time was mostly from the west. The sequel was also released on the xbox along with the dreamcast and lastly majority of those participating in this campaign aint even japanese, so why would sega focus all their attention on japan?

The game cost over 70million dollars to develop back then and yet it turned out to be a financial flop which hit sega badly,now imagine how much it will cost to develop now? The only way i see this going exclusive to one platform is if sony,nintendo or ms decides to fund the development if not its going multiplat.

Gunstar751660d ago

A lot of ex-Sega zealots adopted xbox as a natural replacement after Sony obliterated Sega from the console world.

A day which still pisses me off.

maniacmayhem1660d ago

"PC and Microsoft systems are NOT popular options in Japan."

That doesn't stop Japanese developers from releasing their games on MS and PC systems.

In a few examples some Japanese games may sell better on a Sony system but they also still sold well enough on the MS platform.

Shenmue is a game that has a following in the west as well as the east and if the game is good enough it would sell on all platforms.

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