50 Best Video Game Memes of 2013

GR - "Check out the most viral and best video game memes of 2013."

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Ripsta7th1542d ago

You only needed one ? With so many many games the ps2 had youat least needed 3

Milruka1542d ago

This is not Video game news.

hazelamy1542d ago

no, but it's funny.

and that's cool with me.

Milruka1542d ago

That's not how it works.

thorstein1542d ago

That's correct, it is images. That is why halocursed submitted it as images. Shall we go to a "News" submission and state the obvious: "This is not Video Game Image?"

DeadIIIRed1542d ago

If it is related to video game culture it can be on this site. Rumors technically aren't news either, but they end up here all the time.

What else are we supposed to look at on slow news days?

WeAreLegion1542d ago

I expected to hate all of them, but some were pretty good! We've all obviously seen most of them, but still. Good stuff.

Heisenburger1542d ago

The only one that got me to smile was the one that used From Paris with Love. I really dug that movie.

It seems like the "Do I look like the kind of man who plays board games?" line would have been perfect for something.

BG115791542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

Hell, forget about remembering it, I still own it!!!
And yes still an awesome game!!!!