Playing the last PlayStation 2 game ever made

This is it, then. Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 is the last ever PlayStation 2 release. I tried playing it, but my son hustled me out the way.

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Monolith1482d ago

Sorry I accidentally disagreed but I do agree. Perfect pic!

egidem1482d ago

Absolutely agree.

I still have my PS2. Every now and then I fire it up to play a few games. I had retired it the moment I got a backwards-compatible PS3 back in 2007, but then it eventually died, then I had to bring the PS2 out of retirement :(

Magicite1482d ago

You know, in Japan they are still making games even for PSOne.

Magicite1482d ago

I would call Persona 4 last great PS2 game, anything released after that, isn't really worth mentioning.
But yeah, support for PS2 is longer than any other system (is it?)

Kidmyst1481d ago

I recently introduced my 3 Year old Son to my old SNES and PS2 and found myself replaying now some old favorities.

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wita1482d ago

This is so cool. So many awesome games on the PS2; it's fun to hear these hidden little stories about the console.

PoSTedUP1482d ago

indeed, i still buy games for it. i went through some games like a year ago, but now im busy going through psp and ps1 games i havent played.

skydragoonity1482d ago

I still have have my ps2 :)

Kivespussi1482d ago

Me too :) Hell, I even have my original playstation. It's just not working :( dropped it accidentally around a year ago but I don't want to get rid of it. So many memories...

WalterWJR1482d ago

RIP you served me well.

It's funny how they released this game on PS2 but not on PS4.

3-4-51482d ago

Probably takes 2 months to make the entire game for PS2 by now though.

They are bringing PES 2015 to PS4 though.

They re-did some stuff.

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The story is too old to be commented.