Developer Behind “Flappy Bird,” The Impossible Game Blowing Up The App Store, Says He Just Got Lucky

Flappy Bird, a game you can barely play for more than a few seconds without throwing your phone across the room in frustration, is dominating the App Store and Google Play.

In an App Store first, an indie game developer from Hanoi, Vietnam, Nguyen Ha Dong, has 3 apps in the top 10 rankings right now, which is not only odd because the publisher has seemingly come out of nowhere with these viral hits, but also because there’s no cross-promotion built into the games themselves.

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MNGamer-N1629d ago

It's simplicity and difficulty is perfect for wasting 5-10 minutes. That's the key it's success. The way phone games should be.

1nsomniac1629d ago

Best marketing I've ever seen. I have no idea what the game is & never heard it from any of my friends or seen it in action anywhere but it's absolutely crammed in every orifice of the internet!

ambientFLIER1629d ago

How long can it take to make a game like this...a day? Seriously.

neoMAXMLC1629d ago

Im sure Nintendo is very happy for him.

StevenvEekeren1627d ago

The 6.2 million views on Pewdiepie's video probably helped a lot.