Titanfall Will Change Gaming

Lumilounge: "Titanfall’s biggest impact is going to be on the way players and AI interact as well as the retail space, not just big stompy mech-suits"

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urwifeminder1505d ago

Wow nice article good to find out a little more each time of what to expect , see you under the foot of my mech.

christocolus1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

" see you under the foot of my mech" ...lmao

It wont be that easy to take me down bro.


Lol. Im quite good at fps now.i used to be really lame but my brother is really competitive and i had to brush up my skills.

Im really looking forward to this,most of my pals are getting it too. Its going to be fun.

TomShoe1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

"Titanfall will change gaming"

Whoa now, let's not get carried away here. It's going to be a fun game, for sure. But let's see how well it does critically before we start bestowing any "Game of the X" awards.

IMO: It's fun, but it seems more evolutionary than revolutionary.

Kingthrash3601505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

TF looks fun, hek and if all is well it will be an evolutionary game that shows new ways to be a bada$$ in a fps. but change gaming? how? fps are already here..007 golden eye was the fps that changed gaming. halo was the evolution with online mp and cod is a easy pick up n play fps and bf is for the advanced. titianfall may be the next step with mechs and jet packs....those bots are not a upgrade. more bots than human players are just a drag. but to change gaming you need to bring something new to the table like oo7 did. tf may be a step up, but lets not go too far too soon.

PeaSFor1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

i will try the beta on pc to see if its more than a mix of COD with Shogo:mad, other than that....i dont see how it could change gaming.

Chrischi19881505d ago


I agree completely. It will surley be a very very good game, but as a PC gamer, I do very well know, what can happen and what not. I can for sure say, it will not change gaming and that most people somehow believe games will be that much different from now on, just because of the new consoles, is not legit to do. FPS will remain FPS, they will remain linear in their story, online modes will stay pretty much Deathmatch and all the things that already exist. Games will look much better, but I dont get this "Next Gen Game" crap, because it actually does not exist.

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parentsbasement1505d ago

That's probably where i'll end up (I suck at these games) 3 kills 47 still getting in there though.....and sorry to anybody that gets killed by me , I assure you, I got lucky....

Kingthrash3601505d ago

with all thos bots, you will do better. they are there for you to feel like a bad a$$ too.

truefan11505d ago

Lol look below at all the butthurt gamers who won't be playing. I understand if a game isn't your cup of tea, but I can tell you are butthurt when you try to down the game. Whether you like it or not, you can't just dismiss it as the same old fps, they are combining a lot of different elements. Please point me in the direction of a game that has verticality, wall running, mechs, and ai all in one multiplayer game. Standby for Titanfall.

curtis921505d ago

Or... maybe you're butthurt because not everyone wants to play this game. Given that you can play it on 360/PC/xb1, chances are a LOT of people can play this game if they wanted.

GarrusVakarian1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

Ughh...your comments are getting so generic now, every one is you saying "lol, look at all the butthurt fanboys" or something similar. Stop taking it so personally and grow up.

Not every negative comment towards an X1 or it's games comes from a "butthurt fanboy". This game looks awesome, i'll be sure to buy it when i get my X1 (im even tempted to dig out my 360 and buy it on that) but to say it's going to "change gaming" is preposterous and i don't think anyone actually believes that. It will be a fun, breath of fresh air amongst all the bog standard military FPS's of today. Nothing more nothing less. I'd say 'evolutionary' suits it more than 'revolutionary', lets not get carried away here.

RIP_Weazel1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

Have you gotten so paranoid you're now self-trolling?!
Nurse!! The Meds!!!

jmc88881505d ago

Well when I play online games, the idea of bots being in the way actually detracts from what I want to experience.

I want to play against human opponents. Not bots. Bots+Humans vs Bots+Humans simply isn't as good as human vs humans. Obviously better then Humans vs. Bots which is called single player or co-op.

Titanfall should still be fun, and I will be getting it on PC. But call me wary of what the bots elements brings to it.

Also there is already Hawken and Mechwarrior Online, so mech fun can already be had, if you have a PC. The maps are quite vertical. At least Hawken's are. Haven't played MechWarrior much, like once. But got hooked on Hawken for a while.

No wall running, but that's not make or break. Also Hawken and MechWarrior Online were free, so there's that.

I'm simply expecting something like a premium Hawken/Mechwarrior experience, except I guess you start off on foot and build points to get a mech in match.

So another way to look at it is you can get Mechs and verticality for free with Hawken and MechWarrior...the AI aspect isn't a plus, and wall running while adding something, isn't a big deal.

TheSaint1504d ago

"Lol look below at all the butthurt gamers"

Says the king of butthurt with his one bubble. Got a response to that? No? awwwww.

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True_Samurai1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

Sunny fanboys came out in full force to disagree with you
Titanfall will be a major success

Magicite1505d ago

Time will tell, not much left until release, but Im not believing hype until I see it myself.

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WeAreLegion1505d ago

I expect Call of Duty to have mechs, wall running, and jet packs this year.

KillrateOmega1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

I see what you did there :D

Don't forget the droves of multiplayer AI cannon fodder that Call of Duty will have.

chrissx1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

How? All I see is a generic FPS

-Foxtrot1505d ago

...with small elements taken from other games

Brink has done it, Halo Reach, Mirrors edge

Mechs? Well they are in a load of games.

Utalkin2me1505d ago

Dont forget the most influential game for jetpacks "Tribes", which came out in 98.

WeAreLegion1505d ago

Tribes was a massive influence for Halo, too. Tribes freaking rocks.

WeAreLegion1505d ago

Don't forget Starhawk had a lot of these mechanics, too.

jmc88881505d ago

StarHawk was a great game, except they made the planes waaaaaay too powerful.

The matches turned into a one side spawn kill fest.

If you actually had two equally or close to it teams fighting it out, and the people in the planes weren't laying waste to everything built like it was nothing, the game was super fun.

Though it also needed more build points. 32 per side simply wasn't enough either, but old tech made such a limit necessary.

BallsEye1505d ago

By your way of thinking, no game ever will be innovative. Let's look at any game X. Hey there is HP a lot of game done it, hey you can shoot enemies, lot of game done it, you can jump up, even mario done it, you got cutscenes, so many game done it!.

It's about how these things work together. Titanfall tries to create more believable warfare by adding NPC's that listen to orders, help you out etc. While BF4 is an amazing game, when playing it, I do feel like I'm surrounded 30 idiots with sniper rifles camping at edges of the map and shooting at the other 30 that run like headless chickens and don't even use defibrillators.

Titanfall brings a great mix...try it out and you will become a believer.

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DiRtY1505d ago

Seems to be good enough for you to spend your $60 on!

"I'll blow off the dust off my x360 when titanfall lands, meanwhile Infamous 2nd son is the sh*t!!"

Your comment mate!

Oh and by reading your other comments, I somehow have my doubt that you would be excited for anything Xbox.

"One major reason is because Ps4 is the real true next gen console available 2day"

"I'm so looking forward to whatever santa monica delivers this gen. Anticipation #3"

"Sonys just getting started. Towards the end of the year nobody will argue again cus ps4 games wud mk xbone look like last gen"

"Everybody can't seem to get enough of Ps4. That's what u get when u listen to ur fans and respect them"

"Ps4 is the undisputed champion of the current gen"

"There's only 1 major console that's #4thePlayers"

"he only leading console this gen is Ps4. M$ gotta settle for 2nd place as usual"

"Sony you bring the games we bring the cash"

And that was only for the past 10 days. Please don't even pretend to be objective on Titanfall.

Irishguy951505d ago

Yet ironically, Killzone had nothing whatsoever different about it

Infamous is the same as the first 2 with 'different powers'. Hey smoke powers are new right, the ability to shoot projectiles by pressing R1 is so new.

Please, all these games have something different about them, even if only minor. If you can't see whats good about Titanfall, you simply don't know what makes a game different from others.