5 Omitted Xbox One Features Present On 360

Ever since the announcement of the Xbox One, fanboys everywhere have been writhing in anger at the many things that the new console was planning on doing wrong. From the DRM to the always-online connectivity, there were things that made the headlines and made gamers throughout the world contort there face in agony at the silliness of the whole situation.

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4logpc1632d ago

So much wrong information in this its sickening. Do a little research next time.

Sayai jin1632d ago

Agreed. The comparison of a console that has had dozens of implementations, updates, UI patches, etc...the 360 did not ship needing a big update due to the fact that it did not have a huge change in OS. The 360 did not have BC when it was launched and then when it finally did it still does not have full BC.

I never brought or used a wired controller for any of my last gen systems (PS3, 360 or wii). Don't care for them and since I game in my theater it will be a pain, because my consoles sit behind me.

The kinect...when I saw that he had a NSA emblem on the pic...I just stopped.

Anomander1632d ago

Must be a slow news week for Maria if they had to submit that article....