Xbox One Without a Disc Drive? Fix These Problems First

A disc-less Xbox One may be on the horizon, but there are far greater things to worry about. There's a slew of problems that currently stand in the Xbox One's way of being a proper and good digital-only platform.

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TomShoe1632d ago

A disc drive wouldn't really shave must cost off the console, considering most drives cost about $30 to make and install. They'd be better off dropping the Kinect.

redwin1632d ago

I think that the Xbox was not meant to play off blueray, it was made to play off the hardrive without disks. We made Microsoft change things and now we want them to be like Sony . Is like asking you to be like someone else. Let Microsoft be who they want make or brake. Players will talk with their wallets. It's not the 80's when Microsoft was the only game in town, now we have options, we are telling these people what to do before they do it, they'll do it 1/2 way. If we say nothing and they do it and you don't like it then don't buy it and they'll change willingly like Sony did. I remember when Sony was predominally Japanese games and then came Microsoft with more western games and it hurt Sony and they were forced to change. Now we are living in a western gaming boom. Let them be them selfs and talk with your wallets. Show them the $ and they'll come.

Godmars2901631d ago

When was MS "the only game in town"? In regards to actual gaming anyway.

The only reason they were the only game in town in regards to PC was because IBM couldn't be bothered with DOS.

ShwankyShpanky1631d ago

Um, the Xbone *does* play all it's games from the hard drive. Blu-Ray games included.

4logpc1631d ago

They would also save a fortune on licensing.

bumnut1631d ago

Not really. Ms made some of the codecs used

colonel1791631d ago

I agree. They need to remove kinect instead of the disc drive. Having a disc-less Xbox would harm them, because not everyone has the internet speed to download 50+ GB games. I for one, had to downgrade my internet speed from 20 Mb to just 3 Mb. (Thanks to ISP issues).

GarrusVakarian1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

When will MS get it into their heads that we WANT a disc drive, we want a price reduction and we want a kinect-less X1........what is so hard to understand?

It's like they're saying "yes we hear you and we know what you want....but we are going to do it this way instead and remove something that no one has asked us to remove". Just drop the kinect and bring the price down $100, take the hit and it will pay off in the long run. Creating a disc drive-less version of what you have now with kinect isn't what anyone is asking for........and will further alienate people who don't want kinect but do want to play games via disc.

I mean, what's more appealing....the CHOICE to go either digital or physical, with no kinect and $100 knocked off the asking price, or a digital ONLY X1 with Kinect and $100 off the asking price? I bet that for the majority of people it will be the former.

Someone needs to grip the MS big wigs by the collar and shake some sense into them while shouting "JUST GIVE US A KINECT-LESS X1!". Lol.

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Sayai jin1632d ago

MS needs to additions and update the UI which from the sounds of it will be coming shortly in March. I would not expect a discless system for a while.

redwin1632d ago

I can see a Xbox One.5 in about 3 years, no disk-drive and an integrated kinect for about $350

AceBlazer131631d ago

Having kinect seperately brought the system to 500 and you think integrating it into the system will result in a $150 price drop in 3 years?

You realize the entire reason they haven't already dropped kinect to match $400 is because they already invested too much into it right?

4logpc1631d ago

Just so the author knows, dead rainy patch did not increase the size of the game by 13 gigs. Seriously, what's with all the wrong information from "journalists" these days.

Milruka1631d ago

Using Pricing from amazon is rather lame, As sony does the same thing with overpricing the content on their store.

MasterD9191631d ago

Remove Kinect, not the blu-ray player!

Next-gen without a blu-ray player? Pshhh...

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