Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor Looks Cautiously Awesome

Lumilounge: "It's been a while since Return of the Kings graced theatres to round off the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, however countless titles in this world has released since then; yet, none quite as promising as this one."

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Simco8761484d ago

Looks interesting, still not seeing how you can do open world in Mordor. I mean do they not care that Talon just walks around? Or are you going to have to be Frodo/Sam and sneak around everywhere?

I like the nemesis system...STARS

Swiftfox1484d ago

After having a look at the gameplay video, this title borrows heavily from Assassin's Creed and the Batman: Arkham games.

The story of the main character has already been set up as cliché—I was someone then the bad-guys destroyed everything and now I'm out for revenge. For some reason he didn't die but he's a wraith now, which is right up there with the “should have died, but are now all powerful super hero,” motif. The hero is your typical long haired white male “like-Aragorn but not” affair--bit boring. The combat is a standard pack of keep countering peppered with quick time events. As for the aesthetic—if the narrator had said “A Witcher game”, I would have believed him.

The game is already incredibly average before the player even picks up the controller. Where's the life? The original thinking? The passion? All I'm seeing right now is Lord of the Rings + Assassin's Creed + Batman Arkham = Somebody will like it = $$$. Cynical? Yes. 'Bout time we should be.

jdktech20101483d ago

"All I'm seeing right now is Lord of the Rings + Assassin's Creed + Batman Arkham...."

Boy, that sounds horrible. Let's take elements from 3 of the favorite franchises in the gaming and movie world and combine them. The parkour of AC, the stellar (imo) combat of Arkham and the fantastic world and storytelling of LOTR. Oh, and I get a Witcher asthetic....that ain't half bad either.

The nemesis systems looks cool but we've yet to see how it works and if it's more predetermined then they're leading us to believe.

I'm cautiously optimistic on this one as well butI'm definitely interested. I respect your opinion here but I hope you can see why some of us might be excited for this.

Swiftfox1479d ago

I understand all the mechanics I've mentioned are favorable as they've all seen success in their respective areas. The issue I have is one of creation. As an artist I enjoy new takes on ideas and experimentation in practice. The selection of the mechanics, to me, is evidence of lack of effort on the developers part. Taking a well established franchise, like Lord of the Rings, and matching it with well established and successful mechanics screams executive decision rather than artistic. All I can see are the potential ideas looked over in favor of ones they know work. There's little to no risk, so I honestly can't see a large reward within the game.

There will be those who enjoy this game. Fair enough. I don't settle for the standards, however. I demand more thought and imagination. I do appreciate you being civil—most refreshing.

--bienio--1483d ago

This game is for me😃 day 1 !!

Scrivlar1483d ago

Looks like it could be fantastic, love anything LOTR really, graphics look like they could be better though.